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The Ishta-Deva appears in the 'Inner' refuge formula of the 3 Roots and is also the key element of Deity Yoga since the 'deity' in the yoga is the Ishta-deva-Light expelling Darkness,—Evaporation of Stygian Exhalations,—or—The Sun of the Constitution, rising superior to the Clouds of Opposition (1795)..There is a good account of Gillray in Wright's History of Caricature and Grotesque in Literature and Art (1865)...

1795 Jan 5th -Full moon 09:39:56 -14 – The University of North Carolina opens to students at Chapel Hill, becoming the first state university in the United States-16 – The French occupy Utrecht, Netherlands-18 – Batavian Revolution in Amsterdam. William V, Prince of Orange, Stadtholder of the Dutch Republic, flees the country-19 – The Batavian Republic is proclaimed in Amsterdam-New moon -20 – French troops enter Amsterdam-21 – The Dutch fleet, frozen in IJsselmeer, is captured by the French 8th Hussars February - 7 – 11th Amendment to the United States Constitution is passed-10–12- Great floods on the Rivers Severn and Wye; many bridges damaged-March - English Benedictine Monks X-pelled from the Priory of St. Gregory's at Douai are permitted to proceed to England where they settle as guests of Sir Edward Smythe at Acton Burnell, Shropshire; later they will establish Downside Abbey- 20 - New moon-27 - First quarterApril - British Army is EVacuated from Bremen, having been unsuccessful in the Flanders Campaign under Prince Frederick, Duke of York-5 – Peace of Basel signed between France and Prussia-7 – Adoption of the metric system in France.-8 - Marriage of George, Prince of Wales, to Caroline of Brunswick-19-New moon-23 - Former Governor-General of India Warren Hastings acquitted by the House of Lords of misconduct-May 1 – Battle of Nu'uanu: Kamehameha I of the Island of Hawaii defeats the Oahuans, solidifying his control of the major islands of the archipelago and officially founding the Kingdom of Hawaii-5 - A tax on hair-powder under the Duty on Hair Powder Act 1795 comes into effect, helping to end the fashion for powdering hair and wigs-6 - Introduction of Speenhamland system of outdoor relief for the poor-15 – War of the First Coalition: Napoleon I of France enters Milan in triumph-New moon May–June – The Battle of Richmond Hill is fought in the colony of New South Wales, between the Darug people and British colonial forces-2- Full moon-5–7 – The Copenhagen fire of 1795, starting in a naval warehouse, destroys 941 houses- 8 – The Dauphin of France, would-be-Louis XVII, dies. Louis XVIII becomes titular King of France (he becomes the actual king on April 6, 1814)-10-Last quarter-16-New moon-24-First quarter-28 – The French government announces that the heir to the French throne has died of illness (many doubt the statement)-27-British forces land off Quiberon to aid the revolt in Brittany-French troops recapture St. Lucia-Mary Robinson writes the poem January, 1795... sister was last seen in the vicinity of a ufo incident nearly 10 years ago.. The alien's body recovered from the sea was subjected to intense medical examination.. The heart was a transplant.. The donor was L Carlin.. What will you tell your parents..I don't think you'd like to know the details...
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