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Arrow Baptism of Fire

Frank Collins (b. 1956-57 - d.16 June 1998) was a Church of England Minister and the first 22 SAS soldier to enter the building in the Iranian Embassy Siege in 1980.. Whilst with 22 SAS B Squadron Air (7) Troop, Collins served with both Al Slater, and Charles (Nish) Bruce QGM. He left the service to pursue religion. After becoming a vicar, he was commissioned as a chaplain in the 23 SAS Regiment and served as padre in the The Parachute Regiment..His autobiography, Baptism of Fire, was published by Doubleday in 1997.. He apparently became depressed after being told to resign from the army as Chaplain by the army authorities who were not happy about the book..The theory of multiple intelligences is a theory of intelligence that differentiates it into specific (primarily sensory) "modalities", rather than seeing intelligence as dominated by a single general ability..Musical–rhythmic and harmonic..This area has to do with sensitivity to sounds, rhythms, tones, and music.. People with a high musical intelligence normally have good pitch and may even have absolute pitch, and are able to sing, play musical instruments, and compose music.. They have sensitivity to rhythm, pitch, meter, tone, melody or timbre..Logical–mathematical-This area has to do with logic, abstractions, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking.. This also has to do with having the capacity to understand the underlying principles of some kind of causal system.. Logical reasoning is closely linked to fluid intelligence and to General intelligence (g factor)...

In the early 1900s Intelligence Gathering was becoming better understood, to the point where a counter-intelligence organisation was formed – MI5 by the Directorate of Military Intelligence (DoMI) under Captain (later Major-General) Vernon Kell; overseas intelligence gathering began in 1912 by MI6 under Commander (later Captain) Mansfield Smith-Cumming..During the Irish War of Independence, Intelligence Corps operatives were used in an unsuccessful battle to defeat the Irish Republican Army..The Cairo Gang were overwhelmingly Intelligence Corps operatives. On Bloody Sunday, 1920,12 of these agents were assassinated at their lodgings by Michael Collins' Squad.. Due to this and similar failures, the Intelligence Corps was disbanded in 1929..Born in Sam's Cross, near Clonakilty, County Cork, Collins was the third son and youngest of 8 children. Most biographies state his date of birth as 16 October 1890, but his tombstone gives his date of birth as 12 October 1890..Referred to in a British secret service report as "brainy", the Collinses were a close, warmly supportive family of over-achievers.. Part of an ancient clan, widely spread over County Cork, they had a rich intellectual life, and republican connections which can be traced back to the 1798 rebellion..On his death bed, his father (who was the se7enth son of a se7enth son) predicted that his daughter Helena (one of Michael's elder sisters) would become a nun.. She later did, known as Sister Mary Celestine, based in Whitby..Collins was a bright and precocious child, with a fiery temper and a passionate feeling of nationalism..There are a number of anecdotal explanations for the origin of his nickname, "The Big Fellow".. The most authoritative comes from his family, stating that he was so called by them while still a child. It had been a term of endearment for their youngest brother, who was always keen to take on tasks beyond his years. It was certainly already established by his teens, long before he emerged as a political or military leader..The Rising would be Collins’ first appearance in national events.. When it commenced on Easter Monday 1916, Collins served as Plunkett’s aide-de-camp, at the rebellion’s headquarters in the General Post Office (GPO) in Dublin.. There he fought alongside Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, and other Rising leadership..Collins’ father, Michael John (1816-1896), was a farmer by profession. A mathematician in his spare time, he had been a member of the republican Fenian movement.. The elder Collins was 60 years old when he married Mary Anne O'Brien, then 23, in 1876.. The marriage was apparently happy.. They brought up 8 children on a 90-acre (36 ha) farm called Woodfield, which the Collins had held as tenants for several generations..The formative role of the many strong, competent, loving women around him produced a man who deeply respected women and thrived on female company of all ages. It manifested also in sensitive, nurturing care toward those he was responsible for. His appointment as aide-de-camp to 1916 Rising organizer Joseph P, whose chronic health problems were a challenge to his presence at the GPO HQ, is indicative of these qualities.. Both his official correspondence and countless personal memoires record empathy and sensitivity in his personal attention to the needs and hardships of Volunteers and their familyes..The Collins 22 Society established in 2002 is an international organisation dedicated to keeping the name and legacy of Michael Collins in living memory.. The patron of the society is Ireland's former Minister for Justice and TD Nora Owen, grand-niece of Michael Collins..However, they do not control the hospital, where the autopsy disproves their interpretation..An epilogue provides a synopsis of the subsequent turns of events..., yeah.. You see, he, he takes books out.. He's got half the books in the library out and they're all over due..Your angle on the hospital dedication, K.. How did you come up with it..Er, he was called a B G, Charles, and I don't really know why since he was invisible...
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