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"Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" is a song from the LP Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret by EngLish synthpop duo Soft Cell that was released as a single in 1982 and reached number 3 on the UK Singles Chart...
Southport is a large seaside town in the Metropolitan Borough of Sefton in Merseyside, England. During the 2001 census Southport was recorded as having a population of 90,336, making it the 11th Most populous settlement in North West England.. The endonym for people from Southport is "Sandgrounder"..Southport lies on the Irish Sea coast of North West England and is fringed to the north by the Ribble estuary.. The town is situated 16.5 Miles (26.6 km) to the north of the city of Liverpool and 14.8 miles (23.8 km) southwest of the City of Preston..Historically a part of Lancashire, the town in its present form was founded in 1792 when William Sutton, an innkeeper from ChurchTown, built a bathing house at what now is the south end of Lord Street,Town's Main ThoroughFare..

In the late 18th century it was becoming fashionable for the well-to-do to relinquish inland spa towns and visit the seaside to bathe in the salt sea waters.. At that time doctors recommended bathing in the sea to help cure aches and pains. In 1792 William Sutton, the landlord of the Black Bull Inn in Churchtown (now the Hesketh Arms) and known to locals as "The Old Duke", realised the importance of the newly created canal systems across the UK and set up a bathing house in the virtually uninhabited dunes at South Hawes by the seaside just 4 miles (6 km) away from the newly constructed Leeds and Liverpool Canal and 2 miles south-west of Churchtown..The Leeds and Liverpool canal brought people from Liverpool, Manchester, Bolton and Wigan amongst others... By 1820 Southport had over 20,000 visitors per year..Southport Pier is a Grade II listed building in Southport, Merseyside, EnGland.. At 1,216 yards (1112 m) it is the second longest in Great Britain after Southend Pier.. It was listed at Grade II on 18 August 1975.. The SouthPort Pier Tramway runs from Southport Promenade to the pier head (the far end of the pier)..Recent modernisation and repair of the pier formed part of a wider redevelopment strategy, including the new Marine Drive sea wall, landscaping around the pier and the new tram route, and the new £23m Ocean Plaza shopping centre - which presents a blank back wall on the seaward side..A design from James Brunlees was approved at a cost of £8,700 and on 4 August 1859 a large crowd witnessed the Driving home of the first support Pyle.. The opening of the pier was celebrated on 2 August 1860..Southport grew quickly in the 19th century as it gained a reputation for being a more refined seaside resort than its
neighbour-up-the-coast Blackpool...

Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte lived in exile on Lord Street, the main thoroughfare of Southport, between 1846 and 1848, before returning to France to become President and subsequently Emperor of the French. During his reign, he caused much of the MediEval centre of Paris to be replaced with broad tree-lined boulevards, covered walkways and arcades, just like Lord Street..On the night of 9 December 1886, the worst lifeboat disaster in the history of the UK occurred off the shores of Southport. A cargo ship called the Mexico was on its way to South America when it found itself in difficulty. Lifeboats from Lytham, St. Annes and Southport set off in order to try to rescue those aboard the Vessel.. The crews battled against storm-force winds as they rowed towards the casualty.. The Entire crew from the St. Anne’s boat was lost and all but 2 of the Southport crew were too. In all, 28 lifeboatmen lost their lives on that night, leaving many widows and fatherless children..Politically, Southport is a stronghold of the Liberal Democrats having a majority of 6024 over the Con Party at the 2010 General Election..At 53°38′43.44″N 3°0′29.88″W the town is situated in North West England. The closest cities are Preston approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the north east and Liverpool approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the south..The first Pleasureland had operated since 1912 as a sister amusement park to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.. In 2005, the park introduced an entrance fee, which proved unpopular and resulted in a serious downturn in the number of visitors. On 5 September 2006 it closed, due to a claimed lack of return on investments..A number of rides, including the Traumatizer, were moved to the company's site at Blackpool.."Norman Returns The Pleasure" The Park re-opened for the 2008 season on the 15th March and rides added for the summer months. Work has also continued on the grounds to make them look more presentable..One of the park's unique features was its Funhouse with traditional funhouse attractions such as the Wheel and the Social Mixer..On the evening of the 21st of April, an arson attack took place, destroying the Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara (River Caves) and a nearby inflatable attraction..The 'Haunted Inn', the only remaining original feature of Pleasureland, was destroyed in a fire on 30 January 2010..Indy's Lost World Indoor Roller Coaster was closed early 2010. It is to be replaced with a new Indoor Ghost Train. The ride opened in July 2010..Battlefield Live Southport has opened on the site of the old Southport Zoo, which is immediately adjacent to Pleasureland. Battlefield Live is an outdoor combat game using guns that fire infra-red beams.. An earlier model village, the Land of the Little People, was demolished in the late 1980s to make way for the aborted Winter Gardens/SIBEC shopping development. Its site is now occupied by a Morrison's supermarket..Kingsway (also known as Kingsway Club, and Bliss) was a nightclub and casino built in 1931 at the south end of the Promenade in the seaside resort of Southport, Merseyside, England..Southport General Infirmary (demolished in 2008–2009 with only a wing of the infirmary remaining as it is being used for mental health services)...,_Wave_Goodbye're just questions, Leo.. In answer to your query, they're written down for me.. It's a test, designed to provoke an emotional response... Shall we continue..Then a repressor protein, that would block the operating cells.. Wouldn't obstruct replication; but it does give rise to an error in replication, so that the newly formed DNA strand carries with it a mutation - and you've got a virus again... but this, all of this is academic..The egg hatched...Do you like our owl.. I think it was manufactured locally... finest quality... superior workmanship. There is a maker's serial number..014236_18...
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