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Lightbulb 2030

In the year 2030 C.E., no one since 2002 has lived past the age of 30 in a semi-post-apocalyptic, dystopian Earth, due to Progressive Ageing Syndrome (P.A.S.)..Science, government, and industry united to form Nexes, an all-powerful body that controls every aspect of society. In order to make up for their short life spans, people are assigned careers at a young age and put through intensive schooling specific to their assigned careers - they graduate and start work at AGE 14 as experts in their field, but ignorant about almost anything elsie.. The result is that no one has enough knowledge to see the full picture, or question the world around them, leaving those few people in charge of Nexes with absolute power..Another KEY Member is Zeus, a technical genius with a mysterious past, who is responsible for most of Storm's successful operations..– Age 19, all charm on the outside, she is as hard as steeL on The InsidE...

Regina was previously the seat of government of the North-West Territories, of which the current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta originally formed part, and of the District of Assiniboia. The site having previously been Wascana ("Buffalo Bones" in Cree), it was renamed in 1882 after Queen Victoria, Victoria Regina, by her daughter Princess Louise, wife of the Marquess of Lorne, then the Governor General of Canada..Regina was established in 1882 when it became clear that Edgar Dewdney, the lieutenant-governor of the North-West Territories, eschewed the previously established and considered Battleford, Troy and Fort Qu'Appelle (the latter some 30 mi (48 km) to the east, one on rolling plains and the other in the Qu'Appelle Valley between two lakes), as the territorial seat of government: these were widely considered more amiable locations for what was anticipated would be a far more major metropole for the Canadian plains than actually eventuated, situated as they were in amply watered and treed rolling parklands whereas "Pile-of-Bones," as the site was then called, was in the midst of arid and featureless grassland..Regina was incorporated as a city on 19 June 1903, and was proclaimed the capital of the 1905 province of Saskatchewan on 23 May 1906, by the first provincial government, led by Premier Walter Scott; the monumental Saskatchewan Legislative Building was built between 1908 and 1912..The "Regina Cyclone" was a tornado which devastated the city on 30 June 1912 and remains the deadliest tornado in Canadian history, with a total of 28 fatalities, the population of the city having been 30,213 in 1911..News report; Press conference..Duration 00:02:23...,_Saskatchewan was easy.Ain't found out about my air boat business.. Bean doing it for 40 years.. One night you'll close your eyes, and when they open I'll be there.. Tell me something John, what are you going to do when the ss people find out you've been moonlighting-Matt, you wanna come to dinner tonight...

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