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11 November - Republic of Ireland qualify for their first major international tournament when Scotland pull off a shock 1-0 win in Sofia against Bulgaria.. Gary Mackay scores the only goal with just three minutes left to put the Republic of Ireland into Euro 88 which will be held in West Germany...

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Wai khru ram muay is an action of respect in Thai culture that is performed by participants in Muay Thai competitions. Wai is an action of Thais to show respect to others by putting the hands together like in prayer. Khru means teacher. Ram means dance in the old Thai traditional style. Muay means boxing. Usually Thais prefer to call it short ram muay or wai khru. Ram muay is the way to show respect to the teachers and the trainers. Also, in past muay thai was usually fought in front of the king, so ram muay was also to apologize to the King for the brutality in fighting...

The sarama or musical accompaniment to Muay Thai matches is a sound recognised as a symbol of deference and respect. This rhythmic music accompanies the Ram Muay as well as the contest itself. The music is performed by four musicians each playing either one of two kinds of oboe, a pair of Thai drums or symbols.. The tempo of the music varies. During the Ram Muay it is slow and stately to match the mood of the smooth and flowing ritual. When the fight commences the tempo is increased. At moments of excitement during a match it becomes frenetic. The music increases the atmosphere of the event and urges fighters to try even harder.... mind the lads.. We'll take on some new staff, we'll X-pand, because all that matters is our G's.. Simple Simon helped with all this.. You've been too busy so I got Rosie to help me. I got 3 different quotes from 3 different printers,33 different thicknesses of paper, one,2 or 3 colours, and Sandee worked out all the different unit costs for me, so we've all been pulling our weight, which is why I need to talk to you about the apostrophe..

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