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Arrow Ley OT Land

Ley Ley Ley...

Those of us who did make it have an obligation to build again, to teach to others what we know, and to try with what's left of our livers..Type 42 destroyers-Captain Sam Salt RN (J F T G Salt)-HMS Sheffield - set on fire by an Aérospatiale AM39 Exocet (Air-to-Surface) Anti-ship missile launched from a Dassault Super Étendard May 4, (†20) - Fatal Damage (sank on May 10) -Captain David Hart Dyke RN-HMS Coventry - sunk on May 25 by 3 bombs from a Douglas A-4B Skyhawk (†19+1) - Fatal Damage-Captain Paul Hoddinott RN (A P Hoddinott)-HMS Glasgow - hit by unexploded bomb from a Douglas A-4B Skyhawk May 12, withdrawn from war - Moderate Damage...

County Class destroyers-Capt. Mike E. Barrow-HMS Glamorgan - hit by an Aérospatiale MM38 Exocet (Surface-to-Surface) Anti-ship missile on June 11 (†14) - Major Damage-Capt. Brian G. Young -HMS Antrim - hit by unexploded bomb from an IAI Dagger - Major Damage..

Type 22 frigates-Capt. John F. Coward - HMS Brilliant - hit by IAI Dagger cannon fire - Minor Damage-Capt. William R. Canning - HMS Broadsword - hit by IAI Dagger cannon fire, later damaged by bomb from Douglas A-4B Skyhawk - Moderate Damage..

Type 21 frigates-Cdr. Chris J.S. Craig-HMS Alacrity - sank Argentine transport ship ARA Isla de Los Estados. Slightly damaged by bomb. Lynx helicopter damaged by return fire from armed coaster ARA MonsunenCdr. Nicholas Tobin-HMS Antelope - sank May 24 due to unsuccessful defusing attempt of unexploded bombs from Douglas A-4B Skyhawks (†2) - Fatal Damage-Cdr. Alan West -HMS Ardent - sank May 21 by bombs from IAI Daggers and Douglas A-4Q Skyhawks (†22) - Fatal Damage...

Leander class frigates-Capt. Christopher H. Layman-HMS Argonaut - hit by Aermacchi MB.339A cannon/rocket and unexploded bombs from Douglas A-4B Skyhawks (†2) - Major Damage..

Rothesay class frigates-Capt. David Pentreath HMS Plymouth - unexploded bombs from IAI Daggers - Major Damage...
Talking about killing? Y'all X-perts? Y'all know about killing? I'd like to hear about it, PottyHeads..Hey, but don't you Worry, Bunny-What about EMS-3 recombination..

Leyland is a town in the South Ribble district, in the county of Lancashire, England. It is approximately 6 miles (10 km) south of the city of Preston..Throughout the 20th and 21st century, the community has seen a large growth in industry, population and farming, due to the establishment of Leyland Motors, housing developments and the surrounding usable arable land..The name of the town is of old Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning "untilled land"..Before the control of the English Leyland was an area of fields, with Roman roads passing through, from ancient Wigan to Walton-le-Dale..Most of the housing in Leyland falls under the semi-detached, detached and bungalow categories. There are a few modern housing estates, but about 65% of the accommodation in the town were built in the 1970s..Leyland is made up by 6 different areas, the town centre itself counts as the main retail side, with the railway station, library and shops nearby. The other areas include Broadfield, Moss Side, Worden Park, Turpin Green and the Wade Hall estate...'ve seen things you people wouldn't believe.. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion..I've EVen seen Amy Turtle..But I understand what you mean...

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