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FIRST, thou shalt know and observe the Moon's Age for thy working. The best days be when the Moon Luna is 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 14 days old, as Solomon saith; and no other days be profitable..The Seals of the 72 Kings are to be made in Metals. The Chief Kings' in Sol (Gold); Marquises' in Luna (Silver); Dukes' in Venus (Copper); Prelacies' in Jupiter (Tin); Knights' in Saturn (Lead) Presidents' in Mercury (Mercury); Earls' in Venus (Copper), and Luna (Silver), alike equal, etc. THESE 72 Kings be under the Power of AMAYMON, CORSON, ZIMIMAY or ZIMINAIR, and G├ľAP, who are the 4 Great Kings ruling in the 4 Quarters, or Cardinal Points, East, West, North, and South, and are not to be called forth except it be upon Great Occasions; but are to be Invocated and Commanded to send such or such a Spirit that is under their Power and Rule, as is shown in the following Invocations or Conjurations. And the Chief Kings may be bound from 9 till 12 o'clock at Noon, and from 3 till Sunset; Marquises may be bound from 3 in the afternoon till 9 at Night, and from 9 at Night till Sunrise; Dukes may be bound from Sunrise till Noonday in Clear Weather; Prelates may be bound any hour of the Day; Knights may from Dawning of Day till Sunrise, or from 4 o'clock till Sunset; Presidents may be bound any time, excepting Twilight, at Night, unless the King whom they are under be Invocated; and Counties Earls any hour of the Day, so it be in Woods, or in any other places whither men resort not, or where no noise...
In 1980, a Creal killer nicknamed "The Tooth Fairy" stalks and murders seemingly random families during sequential full moons... He first kills the Jacobi family in Birmingham, Alabama, then the Leeds family in Atlanta, Georgia..Graham eventually realizes that the killer knew the layout of his victims' houses from their home movies, which he could only have seen if he worked for the film processing lab that developed them.. Dolarhyde's job gives him access to all home movies that pass through the company. When he sees Graham interviewing his boss, Dolarhyde realizes that they are on to him and goes to see Reba(Bangana ariza, the Reba, is a cyprinid Phish found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan).. one last time. He finds her talking to a co-worker, Ralph Mandy, whom she dislikes. Believing that Reba is being unfaithful, Dolarhyde kills Mandy. He kidnaps Reba and, having taken her to his house, sets the place on fire... He intends to kill her and then himself, but finds himself unable to shoot her.. After Dolarhyde shoots himself, Reba escapes. Graham later comforts her, telling her that there is nothing wrong with her, and that the kindness and affection she showed Dolarhyde probably saved lives..King Reba, a minor figure in the Hebrew Bible...,_Greater_Manchester thought I'd have a little session with your machine.. Now you don't have to be a detective to figure it out- So I got a new shrink, Levy's his name.Gee, I'm gonna miss having you on my tail...

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