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Arrow Da Doo Ron Reg

HQ-Video. P.P. Arnold -(live 1967)..(Very nice interpretation of this) Sehr schöne Interpretation dieses Cat Stevens Song durch das ehemalige Mitglied der Ikettes (by the former member of the Ikettes)..Ike Turner formed the Mirrettes to replace the Artettes as the backing group for the Ike & Tina Turner Revue. The Ikettes began recording in 1960, when lead Delores Johnson, Eloise Hester, and Joshie Armstead accompanied Tina Turner on her first recording, "A Fool in Love".. They cut "I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song)" the following year. Ike produced the record and leased it to Atco Records, who issued 3 less successful Ikettes singles in 1962.. The following year, Ike switched them to his Teena record label for 2 singles: "Crazy in Love" (credited as Robbie Montgomery & the Ikettes) and "Prisoner in Love". "Here's Your Heart" came out on Innis in 1964 but failed to go national; nor did a Phi-Dan single in 1965..A Ramachandran plot (also known as a Ramachandran diagram or a [φ,ψ] plot), originally developed in 1963 by G. N. Ramachandran, C. Ramakrishnan, and V. Sasisekharan, is a way to visualize backbone dihedral angles ψ against φ of amino acid residues in protein structure..In geometry, a dihedral or torsion angle is the angle between 2 planes...

Phi (uppercase Φ, lowercase φ, or math symbol ϕ, also fi), pronounced /ˈfaɪ/ FY or sometimes /ˈfiː/ FEE in English, and [ˈfi] in modern Greek, is the 21st letter of the Greek alphabet. In modern Greek, it represents [f], a voiceless labiodental fricative. In Ancient Greek, it represented [pʰ], an aspirated voiceless bilabial plosive (from which English ultimately inherits the spelling "ph" in words derived from Greek). In the system of Greek numerals, it has a value of 500 (φʹ) or 500,000 (͵φ). It may be that phi originated as the letter qoppa, and shifted as Ancient Greek /kʷʰ/ became Classical Greek /pʰ/..The Cyrillic letter Ef (Ф, ф) descends from Φ..An angle, typically the 2nd angle mentioned, after θ (theta)..In flight dynamics, the roll angle..In cartography and navigation, latitude..For use as a phonetic symbol in IPA, Unicode has a separate codepoint U+0278, LATIN SMALL LETTER PHI, because in this use only the stroked glyph is considered correct..In probability theory, φX(t) = E[eitX] is the characteristic function of a random variable X... know, we are sitting here, you and I, like a couple of regular fellas.. You do what you do, and I do what I gotta do. And now that we've been face to face, if I'm there and I gotta put you away, I won't like it.. But I tell you, if it's between you and some poor bastard whose wife you're gonna turn into a widow, brother, you are going down...

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