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Lightbulb Coagh AmBush

The Coagh Ambush (54°38′49″N 6°37′03″W) =187 = 16 = se7ven.. ) took place on 3 June 1991, when a Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) unit from the East Tyrone Brigade was ambushed by the Special Air Service (SAS) in the village of Coagh, County Tyrone. The 3-man IRA team was on its way to assassinate a high-profile Officer of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR)..8 SAS members opened-fire on the IRA unit's car, killing the 3 men and causing the car to burst into flames.. There have been claims that 2 of the IRA members fled the blazing car, only to be shot and then put back inside by the SAS..August 1988, the SAS shot dead another 3 IRA members who were stalking a UDR soldier near Carrickmore.. British intelligence sources claimed the men were involved in the Ballygawley bus bombing, which killed 8 British soldiers and injured 28.. The British military had to ferry its troops in and out of East Tyrone by helicopter as result of the Ballygawley bombing...

At about 7.30 am on 3 June 1991,3 Tyrone IRA volunteers — Tony Doris, Peter Ryan and Lawrence McNally — drove from Moneymore, County Londonderry to the village of Coagh in a hijacked Vauxhall Cavalier, crossing the bridge between counties Londonderry and Tyrone. The IRA acknowledged that the trio was en route to assassinate a part-time UDR soldier, who was also a contractor to the security forces.. The plan, however, was betrayed either by an informer inside the IRA, or by technical surveillance.. The SAS unit was waiting for the car on both sides of Coagh's main street and in a disguised lorry.. According to witnesses, they were wearing boiler suits and Gas Masks.. The car was Driven by Doris toward the center of the village.. The IRA unit's journey from Moneymore had been tracked on the ground and even from the air.. The undercover team set up a "decoy" for the IRA, played by an SAS soldier who behaved like the intended victim, sitting in a car while waiting for a friend on his way to work..

When the car reached a pre-established spot,8 SAS members opened-fire from close range, riddling the Vauxhall with over 200 rounds of high-velocity automatic fire.. Tony Doris was immediately hit, and the out-of-control Vauxhall crashed into 2 parked cars.. The shooting continued for about 10 minutes, until the car X-ploded in flames and set one of the parked vehicles (a Volkswagen Golf) alight.. According to an eyewitness, one of the PIRA volunteers returned fire on the SAS after the car crashed.. Some reports claim at least 2 of the men fled the blazing car and were found lying half out of the vehicle.. Some relatives believe the 2 men had escaped but were then shot and dragged back into the car by SAS members. A crime-scene report stated that a balaclava of 1 of the men was found some distance away.. The bodies were so badly burnt that they had to be identified using dental records..2 rifles were recovered from the charred car. Forensics later found that the weapons had been used in the killings at Leslie Dallas's garage in 1989..IRA recruiting in Tyrone continued unabated despite the ambush.. Just 2 months later it shot dead a former UDR soldier driving a truck on Altmore road, near Cappagh.. In January 1992 an IRA landmine at Teebane killed 8 construction workmen (one of them a Royal Irish Rangers soldier) who were working on a British Army base.. Another SAS ambush killed 4 IRA volunteers in Coalisland in February 1992, but a month later a bomb attack maimed a soldier at Cappagh and prompted a series of clashes between nationalist residents and British troops in heavily republican Coalisland..By 1993 there were reports of an apparent IRA campaign of assassinations to drive Protestants land-owners out of Tyrone and Fermanagh, especially after a bomb attached to his car killed former UDR soldier and land-owner David Martin in Kildress....

W=23 + 14 =37...

The name Tyrone is derived from Irish Tír Eoghain, meaning "land of Eoghan". This Eoghan was son of king Niall of the Nine Hostages, and brother of Conall Gulban, who gave his name to the kingdom of Tír Chonaill.. Historically, it was anglicised as Tirowen or Tyrowen, which are closer to the Irish pronunciation..With an area of 3,155 square kilometres (1,218 sq mi), Tyrone is the largest county in Northern Ireland. The flat peatlands of East Tyrone borders the shoreline of the largest lake in Ireland, Lough Neagh, rising gradually across to the more mountainous terrain in the west of the county, the area surrounding the Sperrin Mountains, the highest point being Sawel Mountain at a height of 678 m (2,224 ft)..Arthur O'Neill (c.1737-1816) was an Irish Harper, a virtuoso player of the Irish harp or cláirseach: he was active during the final decades of its unbroken instrumental tradition in the later 18th and very early 19th century...It is 1 of 4 counties in Northern Ireland which presently has a majority of the population from a Catholic community background, according to the 2011 census.. The breadth, from the southern corner, southeast of 5-miletown, to the northeastern corner near Meenard Mountain isis 37.5 miles (60.4 km); giving an area of 1,260 square miles (in 1900)..James Edward Boyd (September 9, 1834 – April 30, 1906) was an Irish-born American businessman and politician in early Omaha, Nebraska.. The founder of Boyd's Packing House and Boyd's Theater and Opera House, he served as the Mayor of Omaha from 1881 to 1883 and from 1885 to 1887, and as the se7enth Governor of the state of Nebraska in 1891 and from 1892 – 1893..Taylor now commentates on the 4 televised snooker tournaments each year for the BBC and is known for his bona fide and light-hearted commentary..Kildress (Irish: Cill Dreasa, meaning "church of the brambles") is a village and civil parish on the outskirts of Cookstown..The name Tyrone is believed to derive from the Greek “Turannos” meaning “sovereign” or “king.”.. which is believed to derive from the Irish Gaelic “Tir Eoghain”meaning “land of Eoghan” or “land of the noble.” “Owen” is an anglicized form of “Eoghan,” so it also means “land of Owen” ..According to the 1990 United States Census, Tyrone ranked as the 242nd most popular male first name and the 32,670th most popular last name... tank is tucked under the rear seat. Steel plate wrap-around, reinforced bumpers. And it's a fully blown Engine..You all look alike, you young mercenaries. No matter what country...

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