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Ghost Recon Hunting With Girls Aloud - THE BEST TITS .. Baby Did a Bad Bad Tube Thing...The cute Girls Aloud Receptionist said the other week that she planned to call a crazy soldier....who someone gave her his number and was keen to 'see what happens'...Sophisticated sonar of wild owls hunting in the arctic forest - BBC wildlife - YouTube... - Tears, Passion and G KYGelTube... Milkman in the W.the W trembled at the sound of our Rockets..Comrades, our own fleet doesn't know our full potential..Every time he comes up, he's got no knife, he's got no jacket, he's got no pants, he's got no boots.. All he's got is that stupid gun he carries around like John Mclean.. From now on, you're on your own..and be up at dawn otherwise UR on Potts & Pans...

Earlier, a spokesman for the Russian embassy in London said: "The minister-counsellor of the Embassy, Mr Alexander Kramarenko, will meet this afternoon the representatives of the FCO [Foreign and Commonwealth Office] to discuss a range of bilateral issues.."The outrageous remarks made by Prince Charles in Canada will be among the questions raised. The embassy asked the FCO for official clarifications on that yesterday."The foreign ministry said it was better, as one British Labour politician had been quoted as saying, for royalty to be seen and not heard..Following the Russian embassy's statement, Clarence House said it had "no further comment to make at this stage"..Reaction in the UK has been generally supportive of the prince..On Wednesday, Prime Minister David Cameron said he would not comment on a private conversation but added that "everyone is entitled to their private opinions"..., this is your captain. It is an honour to speak to you today, and I am honoured to be sailing with you on the maiden voyage of our motherland's most recent achievement. Once more, we play our dangerous game, a game of chess against our old adversary — The American Navy. For 40 years, your fathers before you and your older brothers played this game and played it well. But today the game is different. We have the advantage.. It reminds me of the heady days of Spunknick in Berline...

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