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Lightbulb Om Ah Hum

Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora's creation in Hesiod's Works and Days.. The "box" was actually a large jar (πίθος pithos) given to Pandora (Πανδώρα, "all-gifted", "all-giving"), which contained all the evils of the world..Today the phrase "to open Pandora's box" means to perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severely detrimental and far-reaching consequences..The similarities of the story to the forbidden fruit in the story of Adam and Eve were identified by early Christians such as Tertullian, Origen and Gregory of Nazianzus..In classical Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. Zeus ordered Hephaestus to create her. So he did, using water and earth.. The gods endowed her with many gifts: Athena clothed her, Aphrodite gave her beauty, Apollo gave her musical ability, and Hermes gave her speech..

When Prometheus stole fire from heaven, Zeus took vengeance by presenting Pandora to Prometheus' brother Epimetheus. Pandora was given a wedding gift of a beautiful jar, with instructions to not open it under any circumstance. Impelled by her curiosity (given to her by the gods), Pandora opened it and all evil contained therein escaped and spread over the earth. She hastened to close the container, but the whole contents had escaped, except for one thing that lay at the bottom – the Spirit of Hope, named Elpis.. Pandora, deeply saddened by what she had done, feared she would have to face Zeus' Wrath, since she had failed her duty. However, Zeus did not punish Pandora...

Purification of body..Place your hands in whatever position is comfortable for you and close your eyes. Visualize a white OM at the center of your brain, a red AH at your throat and a blue HUM at your heart. These letters are made of radiant light. If you can’t visualize these letters in Tibetan or Sanskrit, you can visualize them in English or any other language..Concentrate on the white OM in your brain.. Recognize that this white OM is the pure energy of the divine body of Louise Brooks..According to the Video intro, all of the scenes of Brooks in the video are from the original 1928 Movie-MTV Europe ranked "Pandora's Box" as the 55th greatest song of 1991... the land beyond beyond... from the world past hope and fear... I bid you Genie, now appear.. For another such kiss, I'd invent a whole continent..I cannot return to the real world until I am called by my name after Italian Circus AcroBat and Tumbler PerforMing TriXie around 1881...

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