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In the death-point consciousness between, the reality clear light manifested. But unfortunately, you did not recognize it, so you arrived here.. Now the spiritual reality consciousness between and the existence consciousness between will manifest for you... As I describe them, you must make every effort to recognize them without fail. Having been without your physcial body for a time, you are now proceeding. You have awakened in the confusion of anxiety with the worry asking yourself, "What is happening to me?" Recognize that you are in the spiritual between! Now, your life cycle is transcending and all things manifest as lights and deities....

All space manifests full of blue light. Now, from the central Buddha-land, All-pervading Drop, the Lord Vairochana appears before you, white bodied, sitting on a lion throne, holding in his hand an 8-spoked wheel, united with his consort Akasha Dhatvishvari. The natural purity of the consciousness mosaic, the blue light of the Reality Perfection wisdom, a clear and vivid color blue, frighteningly intense, shines piercingly from the heart center of the Vairochana couple, dazzling yours eyes unbearably..Simultaneously the soft white light of the gods shines upon you and penetrates you along with the bright blue light..Confused in the manifestation of the spiritual reality, you panic and are terrified of that

Bright Blue Light of Reality Perfection wisdom and you attempt to flee from it with facts.. You tend to feel an attraction to the soft white light of the gods, and you approach it..Listen! You must not panic at the blue light; the clear, piercing, brilliant, frightening supreme wisdom clear light! Do not fear it! It is the light ray of the Transcendent Lord, the Reality Perfection wisdom, the oneness of th Infinite Potential. Feel attracted to it with faith and reverence! Make it answer to your prayer, thinking, "It is the light ray of compassion of Lord Vairochana - I must take refuge in it!" It is the way Lord Vairochana comes to escort you through the straits of the spiritual between. It is the light ray of the compassion of Vairochana. Do not be enticed by the soft white light of the gods. Do not be attached to it! Do not long for it! If you cling to it, you will wander into the realm of the gods, and you will continue to cycle through the se7en realms of driven existence in the life cycle. It is an obstacle to merging into the Infinite oneness, the path of peace and harmony, so do not look upon it. Become devoted to the brilliant penetrating blue light, aim your intense willpower toward Vairochana..., immortal one you! Listen without wavering! In this 4th period, the red light that is the purity of the element of fire dawns. At this time, from the red western world of Sukhavate, the red Lord Amitabha appears before you seated on a peacock throne, carrying a lotus, in union with his consort Pandaravasini, attended by the male Bodhisattvas Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri and the female Bodhisattvas Gita and Aloka - a group of 6 Buddha deities in a background of rainbows and lights..the red light of the Discriminating wisdom, purity of the conceptual Mosaic, Red and Piercing, dazzling and clear, adorned with drops and droplets, shines from the heart of the Amitabha couple, precisely penetrating your heart center, unbearable to see with you eyes. Do not fear it!.But at that time you must fearlessly recognize that brilliant red, piercing, dazzling clear light as wisdom. Upon it place you mind, relaxing your awareness in the experience of nothing more to do. Or again be gladdened by it with faith and reverence!..

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