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Corpus Christi Carol is a Middle or Early Modern English hymn (or carol), first found by an apprentice grocer named Richard Hill in a manuscript written around 1504. The original writer of the carol remains anonymous..The structure of the carol is 7 stanzas, each with rhyming couplets. The use of se7en stanzas possibly has religious significance.. Se7en is a number that is considered perfect, which would make sense as Christ is mentioned in the se7enth stanza. The tense changes in the 5th stanza from past to present continuous..One theory about the meaning of the carol is that it is concerned with the legend of the Holy Grail. In Arthurian traditions of the Grail story, the Fisher King is the knight who is the Grail's protector, and whose legs are perpetually wounded.. When he is wounded his kingdom suffers and becomes a wasteland. This would explain the reference to "an orchard brown"..The text may be an allegory in which the crucified is described as a wounded knight. The bleeding knight could be Christ who bleeds for the sins of humanity endlessly. Christ is most probably represented as a knight as he is battling sin and evil by his continual pain. The "orchard brown" to which the knight was conveyed becomes, in this reading, the "orchard" of wooden crosses that covered the hill of Golgotha/Calvary where Christ – along with many others – was Crucified, while the "hall... hanged with purpill and pall" could be a representation of the tomb in which Christ was placed after Crucifixion..One recent interpretation is that it was composed about the execution of Anne Boleyn, wife of Henry VIII, whose badge was a falcon.. About his version Buckley said, "The 'Carol' is a fairytale about a falcon who takes the beloved of the singer to an orchard. The singer goes looking for her and arrives at a chamber where his beloved lies next to a bleeding knight and a tomb with Christ's body in it"...

The Cenobites are X-tradimensional beings who appear in Hellbound Heart and the 9 OTher Hellraiser's.. They are also mentioned, in passing, in the novel Weaveworld, in which they are referred to as“The Surgeons.”...The only constants are that they take the form of ritually mutilated creatures with varying degrees of human characteristics, and that that they can only reach Earth's reality through a schism in time and space, which is opened and closed using an innocuous-looking puzzle box called the Lament Configuration..The term cenobite is a word meaning "a member of a communal religious order"; The Hellbound Heart specifies that they are members of The Order of the Gash.. The text also refers to them as Hierophants..The Cenobites possess certain abilities unique to their own individual natures and appearances, but they do possess universal traits in varying degrees. They are separated from Earth by a dimensional rift called The Schism, which cannot be traversed without a dimensional bridge such as the Lament Configuration. They are bound by the pliable physics of their home dimension, which gives them the abilities of teleportation and remote viewing when present on Earth, but they are restricted in their use of it; the Cenobites cannot come to Earth without the aid of the Lament Configuration, and can remain only for the duration of their summoning. Once they have taken the person who has summoned them, they must return. The Cenobites have no reservations about the circumstances of the person who summons them; but they can distinguish whether the summoner is the one who physically opened the box or merely a tool or an instrument of coercion. The box itself can be solved in 2 main fashions, one of which allows them to open the gateway from Hell, and a more complex method which can physically open the dimensional gateway from Earth...Their powers manifest primarily in forms of telekinesis...Sabaton Surgeons... ever read any Nietzsche says there's 2 kinds of people in the world: people who are destined for greatness like Walt Disney... and Hitler.. Then there's the rest of us, he called us "the bungled and the botched." We get teased.. We sometimes get close to greatness, but we never get there..We're the expendable masses.. We get pushed in front of trains..take poison aspirin... get gunned down in Dairy Queens etc c'mon now, I told you about these people, they only mate with their own kind...

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