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Question W&W

The surname Whiting is of Saxon origin meaning 'the white or fair offspring'.. The Saxon suffix "-ing" denots 'son of' or 'offspring'. It is a patronymic name from the Old English pre 7th Century 'Hwita' meaning 'the white' or 'fair one'...Whiting is the name of several species of fish:Merlangius Merlangus, the original species to receive the name; a common food fish of the cod family found in the northeastern Atlantic Ocean around Europe and the Mediterranean regions -It is approximately 3 miles south of the village of Lamlash,, Whiting Bay is the 3rd largest village on the island (after Lamlash and Brodick) and was once the site of the longest pier in Scotland..To the north of the village at Kings Cross Point between Lamlash and Whiting Bay is another Iron Age fort known locally as the "Viking Fort". According to local legend, this is the site where Robert the Bruce mistook farmers' fires on the mainland as the signal to launch his campaign.. Powdered and washed white chalk (calcium carbonate), used in putty, metal polish, whitewash and sometimes added to paint to improve the paint's opacity..Naval Air Station Whiting Field is a United States Navy base located near Milton, Florida, in central Santa Rosa County, and is one of the Navy's 2 primary pilot training bases (the other being NAS Corpus Christi, Texas).. NAS Whiting Field also provides training for U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Air Force student pilots.. NAS Whiting Field is home to Training Air Wing FIVE (TRAWING 5).. Whiting qualified in submarines, commanding USS Porpoise (SS-7), USS Shark (SS-8), USS Tarpon (SS-175), and USS Seal (SS-183)..The squadron's mission is Advanced Helicopter Training. HT-8 flies the TH-57 Bell 206 JetRanger. The unit generally uses the call sign "Eight Ball" over the radio..The squadron also provides rotary-wing training and designation to selected members of various allied nations, refresher and transition training to fleet aviators, and indoctrination flights for mid-shipmen, and flight surgeons.. HT-18 flies the TH-57 SeaRanger..In Great Britain, there are an estimated 3,169 with the surname Whiting..According to the 1990 U.S. Census, Whiting is the 2,565th most popular surname in the United States, carried by 0.005% of the population..Hey, I came all the way from Iceland..I always wanted to be a surgeon. But the boards would not pass me. Can you guess why? You see? So I went into business. But business is so boring. You buy things you sell them, you make money you spend money. What kind of life is that...
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