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Isis a song by rock band The Police, first released as a single and on their album Outlandos d'Amour, both in 1978..The original single capped at number 42 in late 1978, but the June 1979 reissue nearly topped the UK Singles charts, held off only by "I Don't Like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats.. "Can't Stand Losing You" also appeared on the UK singles charts in 1980, as part of the 6 Pack singles compilation set. The package (consisting of six 7" vinyl singles) peaked at number 17 on the UK charts in June 1980. In 1995, a live version of the song was released as a single and reached number 27 in the charts...B-side "Dead End Job" Released 14 August 1978 ...

July 25 - 2 Puerto Rican pro-independence activists are killed in a police ambush-L.Brown, the world's 1st test tube baby, is born in Oldham, Greater Manchester, UK..August 1 - Former Lockheed U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers crashes the news helicopter he was flying in Los Angeles \ 4 - US performs nuclear test / 6 – Pope Paul VI dies in Castel Gandolfo\10th - US & Panamana sign Panama Canal Zone accord- USSR performs (underground) nuclear test - Postal employee David Berkowitz arrested in Yonkers NY, accused of being "Son of Sam" 44 caliber killer -15 - SS chief Kappler escapes from prison hospital in Rome/17 – Double Eagle II becomes the first balloon to successfully cross the Atlantic Ocean, flying from Presque Isle, Maine, to Miserey, France- Russian nuclear sub "Artika" is 1st to North Pole - USSR performs nuclear test \18 - 2 girls are killed by a runaway car outside of Graceland/19 - USSR performs nuclear test\20 – Gunmen open fire on an Israeli El Al airline bus in London/25 – U.S. Army Sergeant Walter Robinson "walks" across the English Channel in 11 hours 30 minutes, using homemade water shoes\7 September -Prime Minister James Callaghan announces that he will not call a general election for this autumn, and faces accusations from Tory leader Margaret Thatcher and Liberal leader David Steel of "running scared"...

Salmon runs extend from May through September on most of the archipelago and bears consume the 5 species of Pacific salmon that spawn in local streams and lakes.. In the late summer and early fall, bears consume several types of berries. Bears also feed on wind-rowed seaweed and invertebrates on some beaches throughout the year. Although deer are abundant on the archipelago and mountain goats are abundant on Kodiak Island, few Kodiak bears actively prey on them..Hair colors range from blonde to orange (typically females or bears from southern parts of the archipelago) to dark brown.. Cubs often retain a white “natal ring” around their neck for the first couple years of life.. The Kodiak's colour is similar to that of their very close relative, the Grizzly bear... Solomon Salmon Soul of Man Sun-Moon Salmon Salamander.. Solomon Salty Solomon Salmon Soul of Man..Do you know what it is to suffer when you're with a woman.. lt tears you like a silk.. And each bit and stroke burns was a complete experience.. She's a wonderful woman, but l love her somewhere.. lt's curious..Salty Salmon Solomon Seal,Soulmender Salamander Soul of Man Salar Salmon Semen SalMundi Solver of the Mystery..Miss Gallagher, raise your skirt please..WoW!..

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