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Lightbulb Pillars of Hercules

The Rock of Gibraltar (sometimes by its original Latin name, Calpe, or from its later Arabic name: جبل الطارق, or Jabal Tariq ("Mountain of Tariq"); in Spanish: Peñón de Gibraltar) is a monolithic limestone promontory located in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, off the southwestern tip of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula.. It is 426 m (1,398 ft) high. The Rock is Crown property of the United Kingdom, and borders Spain..The Rock of Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules and was known to the Romans as Mons Calpe, the other pillar being Mons Abyla or Jebel Musa on the African side of the Strait. In ancient times the 2 points marked the limit to the known world, a myth originally fostered by the Phoenicians..The Atmosphere of Earth evolved in the same way the lacrimal system of tears in the human Eye start to evolve and also in the crosso-ptyregean fishes that become the first amphibians that walk on the first dry land that erupt from under the big sea of our ancient aqua planet...Interpretation of Stonehenge mechanism of function based on the similarity in tilt between the Eyeball and the Earth ball which is 23.5 which is the primary factor for Earth season...

The Pillars appear prominently on the engraved title page of Sir Francis Bacon's Instauratio Magna "Great Renewal", 1620, the foreword to his Novum Organum. The motto along the base says Multi pertransibunt et augebitur scientia "Many will pass through and knowledge will be the greater"..A unique feature of the Rock is its system of underground passages, known as the Galleries or the Great Siege Tunnels..The Barbary macaque population in Gibraltar is the only one in the European continent, and, unlike that of North Africa, it is thriving. At present, some 300 animals in 5 troops occupy the area of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, though occasional forays into the town may result in damage to personal property, the Barbary macaque is one of the best-known Old World monkey species...

Although Barbary macaques are sexually active at all points during a female’s reproductive cycle, male Barbary macaques determine a female’s most fertile period by sexual swellings on the female..Mating is most common during a female’s most fertile period...Three-quarters of the world population are located in the Middle Atlas Mountains...Rhesus macaques are native to northern India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Burma, Thailand, Afghanistan, Vietnam, southern China, and some neighbouring areas...The rhesus macaque has 32 teeth with a dental formula of and bilophodont molars...A notable colony of rhesus macaques on Morgan Island, one of the Sea Islands in the South Carolina Lowcountry, was imported in the 1970s for use in local labs and are by all accounts thriving...According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), there were incidents of the free-ranging monkeys escaping while infected with the herpes B virus. Although the herpes B virus is not harmful to the monkeys, once transmitted to a human the virus infection has an almost 80% fatality rate..The skull of a Barbary macaque was discovered during excavation in the 1970s at the pre-Christian Navan Fort in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Carbon dating tests suggest it died there in the third century BC.The rhesus macaque, also called the rhesus monkey, is one O-f the best-known species of Old World monkeys..Human Trafficking-Taken..Safe Communities Algarve is planning an Easter crime prevention display in Praia da Luz . This will be a good opportunity for people to obtain crime prevention advice, find out about the GNR Safe Residents Program and discuss any particular issues with the GNR, PSP, SCA and others involved...Tel:913 045 093...

The Polícia de Segurança Pública (Public Security Police), abbreviated as PSP, is the national Portuguese police force. Part of the Portuguese security forces, the mission of the PSP is to defend Republican democracy, safeguarding internal security and the rights of its citizens. Despite many other functions, the force is generally known for policing urban areas by uniformed police officers, while rural areas are normally reserved for the National Republican Guard (GNR), a gendarmerie force. Due to their high visibility, the PSP is recognized by the public as the "police" in Portugal...

Coastal Control Unit (Unidade de Controlo Costeiro, UCC) - Essentially a coast guard service, is commanded by a major-general (or a rear-admiral, if a naval officer), is responsible for surveillance and interception at sea and coast, including the operation of the Integrated Surveillance, Command and Control System (SIVICC), distributed along the Portuguese coast.. This unit replaced the former Maritime Service of the Fiscal Brigade..

The Lisbon's "Royal Guard of the Police" (Guarda Real da Polícia) was created in 1801 by Prince Regent John on the initiative of the Intendant-General of the Police of the Court and the Kingdom, Pina Manique..At the end of May, 1834, as a result of the Civil War, King Peter IV, assuming the regency in name of his daughter Queen Mary II, disbanded the Royal Police Guard in Lisbon and Porto, creating the "Municipal Guards" of Lisbon and Porto on the basis of similar conditions...In 1911, the name changed to National Republican Guard: this was to be a security force consisting of military personnel organised in a special corps of troops..The police in Portugal always used a wide range of firearms to equip their personnel. At the start of the 21st century they choose Glock 19 as the standard Law Enforcement handgun which came only to replace the old Walther PP. Any other handgun in a caliber above .32ACP will remain in service...

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