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Isis is the 18th letter ..The O-riginal Semitic letter may have been inspired by an Egyptian hieroglyph for tp, "head". It was used for /r/ by Semites because in their language, the word for "head" was rêš (also the name of the letter).. It developed into Greek 'Ρ' ῥῶ (rhô) and Latin R. It is likely that some Etruscan and Western Greek forms of the letter added the extra stroke to distinguish it from a later form of the letter P..The minuscule (lowercase) form as 'r' developed through several variations on the capital form. In handwriting it was common not to close the bottom of the loop but continue into the leg, saving an extra pen stroke..The letter R is sometimes referred to as the littera canina (canine letter).. This phrase has Latin origins: the Latin R was trilled to sound like a Grrrrrrrowling dog.. A good Eggsample of a trilling R is the Spanish word for Dog, Perro..In W.ShakeSpeare's Romeo and Juliet, such a reference is made by Juliet's nurse in Act 2, scene 4, when she calls the letter R "the dog's name"..The retroflex flap is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages...

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