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Exclamation F*k You Buddy

A violent gale is blowing on Lake Erie ... The schooner Stranger came in this morning and reports seeing a vessel about 12 miles (19 km) up, 2 miles (3.2 km) from the Canada shore, with 3 men clinging to the masts, which alone were visible above the water–heard their cries and screams as the vessel was driven by...The New York Times, October 1853...

Num. of Episodes 3A separate strand in the documentary is the work of R.D. Laing, whose work in psychiatry led him to model familial interactions using game theory. His conclusion was that humans are inherently selfish, shrewd, and spontaneously generate stratagems during everyday interactions. Laing's theories became more developed when he concluded that some forms of mental illness were merely artificial labels, used by the state to suppress individual suffering..This belief became a staple tenet of counterculture during the 1960s. Reference is made to the Rosenhan experiment, in which bogus patients, surreptitiously self-presenting at a number of American psychiatric institutions, were falsely diagnosed as having mental disorders, while institutions, informed that they were to receive bogus patients, "identified" numerous supposed imposters who were actually genuine patients. The results of the experiment were a disaster for American psychiatry, because they destroyed the idea that psychiatrists were a privileged elite able to genuinely diagnose, and therefore treat, mental illness..."F**k You Buddy" (11 March 2007)..In this episode, Curtis examines the rise of game theory during the Cold War and the way in which its mathematical models of human behaviour filtered Into economic Thought.
Adolescent Forensic Psychiatry: Susan Bailey, Mairead Dolan: 9780340763896: Books

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