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The Artists Rifles is a special forces regiment of the British Army Reserve. Raised in London in 1859 as a volunteer light infantry unit, the regiment saw active service during the Boer Wars and World War I, earning a number of battle honours.. It did not serve outside Britain during World War II, as it was used as an officer training unit at that time.. The regiment was disbanded in 1945. In 1947, it was re-established to resurrect the Special Air Service Regiment..Today, the full title of the Regiment is 21 Special Air Service Regiment (Artists) (Reserve)..From 1 Sep 2014 21 SAS will form part of 1st Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Brigade alongside 23 SAS and the HAC.. It consists of..

'HQ' Squadron..
'A' Squadron (Regent's Park)
'C' Squadron (Basingstoke/Cambridge)
'E' Squadron (Newport/Exeter)...

The regiment's current role is to provide depth to the UK Special Forces (UKSF) group.. 21 SAS is tasked to the highest level and can operate in difficult and often changing circumstances, sometimes in absence of guidance and within situations that have significant operational and strategic importance..Support Squadron provides support staff to UKSF(R) activities including personnel such as drivers from the RLC, REME weapon technicians, combat medics, Intelligence Corps personnel and Ops room staff..The unit's war memorial in the entrance portico of the Royal Academy at Burlington House commemorates the 2003 men who gave their lives in the Great War with a 2nd plaque to those who died in World War II..1922 Zulu is an outer main-belt asteroid..It is one of very few asteroids located in the 2 : 1 mean motion resonance with Jupiter..After repeated requests, Gauguin finally arrived in Arles on 23 October. During November, the 2 painted together..So, come on now, MacReady, Norwegians get ahold of this... and they dig it up out of the ice.. Yes, Garry, they dig it up, they cart it back, it gets thawed out, wakes up - probably not in the best of moods...

Hallowes' Victoria Cross is displayed at the National Army Museum, Chelsea, London. He was also a holder of the Military Cross. A peacetime scoutmaster, he is one of 32 Scouting related persons to win the Victoria Cross. There is a memorial to Rupert Hallowes on the ground floor of Neath Port Talbot Hospital at the entrance into 'Out Patients'..He died on 30 September 1915, and is buried at Bedford House Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery, Zillebeke, near Ypres..As the 3rd largest city in the County of Flanders Ypres played an important role in the history of the textile industry. Textiles from Ypres could be found on the markets of Novgorod in Russia in the early 12th century.. In 1241 a major fire ruined much of the old city..When the supply of bombs was running short he went back under very heavy shell fire and brought up a fresh supply.. Even after he was mortally wounded he continued to cheer those around him and to inspire them with fresh courage..London Gazette", No. 29371, 16 November 1915..Edward Noel Mellish On 3 consecutive days, the 27 to 29 March 1916, during the heavy fighting at St. Eloi, Belgium, he went to-and fro continuously between the original trenches and the captured enemy trenches, attending to and rescuing wounded men. The first day, from an area swept by machine-gun fire, he rescued 10 severely wounded men. Although his battalion was relieved on the 2nd day, he returned and rescued 12 more of the wounded. Taking charge of a group of volunteers, on the 3rd day, he again returned to the trenches in order to rescue the remaining wounded..For most conspicuous bravery..Geoffrey Cather From 7 p.m. till midnight he searched 'No Man's Land'.. All this was carried out in full view of the enemy, and under direct machine gun fire and intermittent Artillery fire..Eugene first served in the ranks of the Artists' Rifles and later achieved the rank of captain, he at once took steps to consolidate his position, under heavy rifle and machine gun fire from both flanks, and although wounded, he remained in command, directing and controlling..When George engaged with some other men in deepening a captured trench this officer struck with his spade a buried bomb, which immediately started to burn. 2nd Lt. Gates, in order to save the lives of his comrades, placed his foot on the bomb, which immediately exploded costing him his life..In 1923, Dean married Marjorie Wood. They had 1 son and 1 daughter..5 times in all the post was attacked and on each occasion the attack was repulsed..Reverend Bernard was awarded the Military Cross in 1915. "At Kemmel on 24 April 1915 when a small advance trench which he occupied was blown in, and he himself wounded and half buried, he showed the greatest determination in organising the defence and rescuing buried men under heavy fire, although wounded and severely bruised he refused to leave his post until directly ordered to do so... you to the opera go with me tomorrow night, mademoiselle? While you make up your mind, let me remind you of the ladies of the Spanish court, who always kept their pet apes by their side so that they themselves would look more beautiful..Which one of you disrespectful men been tossing his dirty drawers in the kitchen trash can, huh? From now, I want my kitchen clean, all right? Germ free!.So how's this motherfoooker wake up after thousands of years in the ice...

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