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In the North African town of Biskra, headstrong Lady Diana Mayo refuses a marriage proposal because she believes it would be the end of her independence.. Against her brother's wishes, she is planning a month-long trip into the desert escorted only by natives..When Diana goes to the local casino, she is informed it has been appropriated for the evening by an important Sheik, and that none but Arabs may enter. Annoyed at being told what she cannot do, and her curiosity piqued, Diana borrows an Arab dancer's costume and sneaks in. Inside, she finds men gambling for new wives. When she is selected to be the next prize, she resists.. Sheik Ahmed Ben Hassan intervenes, then realizes she is white. Amused, he sends her away. Afterward, Mustapha Ali informs the Sheik she is the woman he has been hired to guide tomorrow. The Sheik hatches a plan. Early the next morning, he sneaks into her room and tampers with the bullets in her revolver..The 56th Spirit is Gremory, or Gamori.. He is a Duke Strong and Powerful, and appeareth in the Form of a Beautiful Woman, with a Duchess's Crown tied about her waist, and riding on a Great Camel.. His Office is to tell of all Things Past, Present, and to Come; and of Treasures Rid, and what they lie in; and to procure the Love of Women both Young and Old. He governeth 26 Legions of Spirits...
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"Flower of light" symbolism has sometimes been understood from the archaic variant fleur-de-luce (see Latin lux, luc- = "light"), but the Oxford English Dictionary suggests this arose from the spelling... DOORS - 5 TO ONE (LIVE LONDON) - - YouTube

Valentino was born Rodolfo Alfonso Raffaello Pierre Filibert Guglielmi di Valentina D'Antonguolla in Castellaneta, Puglia, Kingdom of Italy. His mother, Marie Berta Gabrielle (née Barbin; 1856–1919), was French, born in Lure in Franche-Comté. His father, Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Fedele Guglielmi di Valentina D'Antonguolla, was Italian; he was a veterinarian who died of malaria when Valentino was 11.. He had an older brother, Alberto (1892–1981), a younger sister, Maria, and an older sister, Beatrice, who had died in infancy..As a child, Valentino was reportedly spoiled and troublesome. His mother coddled him, while his father disapproved of his behavior..He did poorly in school and was eventually enrolled in agricultural school at Genoa, where he earned a degree..After living in Paris in 1912, he soon returned to Italy. Unable to secure employment, he departed for the United States in 1913.. He was processed at Ellis Island at age 18 on December 23, 1913..An estimated 10,000 people lined the streets of New York City to pay their respects at his funeral, handled by the Frank Campbell Funeral Home. The event was a drama itself: Windows were smashed as fans tried to get in and an all-day riot erupted on August 24. Over 100 mounted officers and NYPD's Police Reserve were deployed to restore order. A phalanx of officers would line the streets for the remainder of the viewing. The drama inside would not be outdone. Polish actress Pola Negri, claiming to be Valentino's fiancée, collapsed in hysterics while standing over the coffin, and Campbell's hired 4 actors to impersonate a Fascist Blackshirt honor guard, which claimed to have been sent by Benito Mussolini..Valentino's funeral Mass in New York was held at Saint Malachy's Roman Catholic Church, often called "The Actor's Chapel"..Valentino left his estate to his brother, sister, and Rambova's aunt Teresa Werner, who was left the share originally bequeathed to Rambova.. His Beverly Hills mansion, Falcon Lair, was later owned by heiress Doris Duke.. Duke died there in 1993.. The home was later sold and underwent major renovations. The main building of the estate was bulldozed in 2006 and the property then put back on the market... brand of the fleur-de-lis, the mark given to those who are to be executed for murder. The Count Was crushed. The woman he loved, his bride, had betrayed him. She'd lied to him. When she came to, she swore that she'd been falsely accused of these Grimes, but he didn't believe her; he rejected her for her lies and for her past. Then he banished her from his province. When the guards came to take her away to be executed, she... she was still professing her undying love. Soon after, the Count realized how much she had meant to him, but it was too late. His betrayal was far greater than hers could ever have been. He gave up his title, his land, everything he believed in, never to be seen or heard from again, All because of Love...

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