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Lightbulb VvG

V is the 22nd letter -In Greek, the letter upsilon 'Υ' was adapted from waw to represent, at first, the vowel [u] as in "moon" - G is the se7enth letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet..The recorded originator of 'G' is freedman Spurius Carvilius Ruga, the first Roman to open a fee-paying school, who taught around 230 BC..The original van was a large covered wagon or the front of an Army...
In addition to his thorough commentary of the technique Vincent employed in this painting, Hardy also points out one interesting detail: that Vincent painted the work before mutilating his ear, but continued to refine it after his was hospitalized. In one of his first letters to his brother, Theo, after being admitted to the hospital to recover from his self-inflicted injury, Van Gogh wrote: "I have just been working again today on it, a white deal chair with a pipe and a tobacco pouch.." (Letter 571: 17 January 1889)... like 'em fat and vicious and not too smart. Nothing spiritual either. To have to say 'I love you' would break my teeth. I don't want to be loved..With all your talk of emotion, all I see when I look at your work is just that you paint too fast!.If it's one thing I despise, it's emotionalism in painting...

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