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The Deal barracks bombing was an attack by the Provisional Irish Republican Army (PIRA) on a Royal Marines barracks in Deal, England.. It took place at 8:27 am on 22 September 1989, when the IRA exploded a time bomb at the Royal Marines School of Music building.. The building collapsed, killing 11 marines from the Royal Marines Band Service and wounding another 21..The Royal Marines School of Music is a professional training centre for musicians of the Royal Marines Band Service, the musical army of the Royal Navy. It takes students at school-leavers age of 16 and trains them for 32 months to become both professional musicians and battlefield medics..Some marines had remained behind in the building, and thus received the full force of the explosion. Many were trapped in the rubble for hours and military heavy lifting equipment was needed to clear much of it. Kent Ambulance Service voluntarily agreed to end its industrial strike action to aid those wounded by the blast..10 Marines died at the scene with most trapped in the collapsed building, although one body was later found on the roof of a nearby house..Another 21 were seriously injured and received treatment at hospitals in Deal and Canterbury. One of these men, 21-year-old Christopher Nolan, died of his wounds on 18 October 1989..3 of those killed were buried nearby at the Hamilton Road Cemetery, Deal..The base's security caused controversy as this was partly provided by a private security firm.. This arrangement prompted a thorough review of security procedures at all British military bases and the replacement of the firm's employees at Deal with Royal Marine Guards..
The Hyde Park Barracks are located in Knightsbridge in central London, on the southern edge of Hyde Park. Historically they were often known as Knightsbridge Barracks and this name is still sometimes used informally. Hyde Park Barracks is three quarters of a mile from Buckingham Palace, close enough for the officers and men of the Household Cavalry to be available to respond speedily to any emergency at the Palace and also to conduct their ceremonial duties..It was built to accommodate 23 officers, 60 warrant officers and non-commissioned officers, 431 rank and file, and 273 horses..The most prominent feature is a 33 storey, 94-metre (308 ft) tall residential tower, which is one of the two most prominent modern buildings as seen from Hyde Park along with The London Hilton on Park Lane..It has been described by the magazine, Country Life, as "dramatically modern and uncompromising", but many people have viewed it less favourably; it was voted number 8 in a Country Life poll of Britain's "top 10 eyesores".. Lord St John of Fawsley remarked that "Basil Spence's barracks in Hyde Park ruined that park; in fact, he has the distinction of having ruined 2 parks, because of his Home Office building, which towers above St. James's Park"..

Maybe some other members of the Old & Bold can already answer this question, but during my time with RMP I often wondered why we were called 'Monkeys' by other service personnel.. I have heard all sorts of answers and the only reasonable one up to now has been that of the infamous Hartlepool monkey hanging during the Napoleonic Wars..No one has ever been arrested or convicted in connection with the Deal bombing...

The Hyde Park Barracks is a brick building and compound designed by convict architect Francis Greenway between 1818–19; originally built at the head of Macquarie Street (1819) to house convict men and boys..Constructed by convict labour by order of Governor Lachlan Macquarie, the Barracks is one of the most familiar works of the accomplished colonial England-born, Australian architect Francis Greenway. As the principal male convict barracks in New South Wales it provided lodgings for convicts working in government employment around Sydney until its closure in mid-1848..It has had many occupants since then. It was an Immigration Depot for single female immigrants seeking work as domestic servants and awaiting family reunion from 1848 to 1886 and also a female asylum from 1862 to 1886...The macaques ) constitute a genus (Macaca) of Old World monkeys of the subfamily Cercopithecinae...,_Sydney sensed we had a long and difficult journey ahead of us. Perhaps weeks of waiting for a ship that will give us passage to England. I will try to teach John some rudimentary manners and a greater understanding of the language. Like a father, I am resolved to empower to him all that I can...

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