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Tango in the Night is the 14th by the British-American band Fleetwood M..Produced by Buckingham with Dashut, Tango in the Night began life as one of Buckingham's solo projects, but by 1985 the production had morphed.. It contains several hit singles, including "Big Love", "Se7en Wonders", "Everywhere", and "Little Lies"..Recorded November 1985 – March 1987-Released 13 April 1987...
85 November 1 - Netherlands decides definitive sites for cruise missiles - Queen Mother commissions aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal 2 - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs/5- 2 brawl in front of the cameras at the weigh-in\6 -British ferry MS Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes while leaving the harbour of Zeebrugge, Belgium, killing 193 on board- 22nd Space Shuttle Mission (61A) -Challenger 9- lands at Edwards AFB- M-19 guerrillas occupy Palace of Justice Bogota Colombia/9 - Prince and Princess of Wales arrive in the United States of America for a visit to Ronald Reagan in Washington DC\11- 1st AIDS theme TV movie - "An Early Frost"I know what lets create a disease in a lab - then make Movies & Books about it-just like war-loadsamoney/12 - Horse Racing Breeders' Cup Champs\14 - Holmfriour Karlsdottir of Iceland, 22, crowned 35th Miss World - Volcano Nevado del Ruiz Colombia erupts, 1000s killed/15- Anglo-Irish Agreement signed at Hillsborough Castle\18 - A coach crash on the M6 near Birmingham kills 2 people and injures 51-"Spies Like Us"/19 - Herb Gardner's "I'm Not Rappaport," premieres\23 – EgyptAir Flight 648 is hijacked by the Abu Nidal group and flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm the plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and X-plosions/ 25 – An "Aeroflot" Antonov AN-12 cargo airplane, en route from Cuito Cuanavale to Luanda, is shot down by South African Special Forces, and crashes \26 - 23rd Space Shuttle Mission (61-B)-Atlantis 2-is launched - France performs nuclear test/27- Republic of Ireland gains consultative role \28- 6th Belgium government of Martens forms/29-Gas explosion kills 4 in GlasgoW...

87 March 1 - Jane G wins LPGA \2 – American Cancer Motors is acquired by the Chrysler Corporation-A pupa (Latin pupa for doll, pl: pupae or pupas) is the life stage of some insects undergoing transformation/3 – NHS P-rescription charges rise from £2.20 to £2.40\6 - 6.8 earthquake hits Ecuador, kills 100- Belgium ferry boat "Herald of Free Enterprise" capsizes/sinks; 192 die- 6.8 earthquake hits Ecuador, kills 100/13– 25-year-old MTaylor wins Truro for the Liberals in the Bi-election caused by the death of David Penhaligon 3 months ago\15 - "Sweet Charity" begins at home Theater after 368 perfs/18-Marathon session of the American Physical Society’s meeting features 51 presentations concerning the science of high-temperature superconductors - US performs nuclear test \19 – WSilcott, a 28-year-old black man, is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of PC Keith Blakelock /20 – AZ(27)T is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration for use in the treatment of HIV/AIDS- Soviet filmmakers arrive in Hollywood for an entertainment summit-All the things I could do - NASA launches Palapa B2P\27 – Kinnock meets Ronald Reagan in Washington DC./29 – Thatcher visits Moscow – WWF (23236=16)(later WWE) produces WrestleMania III from the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan. The event is particularly notable for the record attendance of 93,173\30 – Christie's auction house in London sells one of Vincent van Gogh's iconic Sunflowers paintings for £24,750,000/31 – Margaret T, PM of the UK, is given a 45-minute interview on television in the Soviet Union..

April -1 MP's vote against the restoration of the death penalty by 342–230-Nostalgia TV begins on cable\3 – The jewellery of the late Duchess of Windsor is sold at auction for £31 million,6 times the expected value– Showboat Casino Hotel first opens in Atlantic City, New Jersey/5 - 16th Nabisco Dinah Shore G Championship won by Michael D- Wayne G wins 7th straight NHL scoring title\16 – Con MP Harvey Proctor appears in Court 17- USSR performs nuclear test\19 - USSR performs underground nuclear test\20 - 16th Boston Women's Marathon - 91st Boston Marathon /20 - Soviet filmmakers arrive in Hollywood for an entertainment summit\21 - Tamil bomb attack in Colombo Sri Lanka, 115 killed\22 - Sri Lanka Air Force bomb Tamil, 100s killed- Thou shalt not Kill/ 22 – Jim Callaghan is appointed to the Order of the G\29 – Chancellor Nigel Lawson promises that the UK will soon have an income tax rate of 25p in the pound/30 – House of Yawn Spawn approve the sterilisation of a "mentally subnormal" 17-year-old female. - NY Islander Mike Bossy Troll plays his G.. it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not Given. For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.. Therefore speak I to them in Para-bles: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand... Placed in susspender Animation...

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