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Lightbulb MUmmY

10 years later, Imhotep is masquerading as a modern Egyptian named ArDath Bey.. He calls upon Sir Joseph's son Frank and Prof. Pearson.. He shows them where to dig to find Ankh-es-en-amon's tomb.. The archaeologists find the tomb, give the mummy and the treasures to the Cairo Museum, and thank Ardath Bey for the Info..Stuck in the desert for 6 months, and it was hot!. That tomb...Oh, I know it seems absurd when we've known each other such a short time... The 14 steps down and the unbroken seals were thrilling.. But when we came to handle all her clothes and her jewels and her toilet things - I felt as if I'd known her.. But when we got the wrappings off,you'll think me silly, but I sort of fell in love with her.. Surely you read about the Princess...

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