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Arrow Royal Army Physical Training Corps

Royal Army Physical Training Corps (Rob) is the British Army corps responsible for physical fitness and physical education and is headquartered in Aldershot. Its members are all Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructors (Roy)..The RAPTC was formed in 1860 as the Army Gymnastic Staff. It was renamed the Army Physical Training Staff in 1918 and was given corps status as the Army Physical Training Corps by Army Order 165 in 1940..Famous former APTCIs include Nik Stuart (former National Gymnastic Coach) and Olympic medallist Kriss Akabusi..At the Festival of Remembrance on 13 November 2010 Huw Edwards announced that the Army Physical Training Corps had been granted the title Royal Army Physical Training Corps by Her Majesty the Queen.. This became effective immediately..

Pegasus Company (also known as P Coy) is the rigorous training and selection British military organisation based at the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick, North Yorkshire. P Coy run the 'Pre-Parachute Selection' Courses for trainee Parachute Regiment soldiers and officers as well as an "All-Arms Course" for Regular and Territorial Army (TA) troops. P Coy is also responsible for delivery of the TA Combat Infantryman's Course (CIC) for candidates for the TA Parachute Battalion, 4 Para..Pre-Parachute Selection must be undertaken by all Army candidates for parachute training who have not already undergone a strenuous form of training, such as UK Special Forces..Training in P Coy culminates in a series of 8 tests undertaken over a 5 day period (starting on a Wed and finishing on Tue, with the weekend off).. For recruits directly joining the Parachute Regiment, the tests are attempted at week 21 of training, All-Arms candidates attempt the tests after 2 and a half weeks of build-up training..Upon successful completion of the course, candidates participate in the Basic Parachute course at RAF Brize Norton, OXfordshire.. Did they say why, Willard, why they want to terminate my command..In a war there are many moments for compassion and tender action.. There are many moments for ruthless action - what is often called ruthless - what may in many circumstances be only clarity, seeing clearly what there is to be done and doing it, directly, quickly, awake, looking at it... of you know me already! Those of you who don't are in for a great, big foooooookin' surprise! For those of you who do can expect an infinitely more horrible time than they can remember! Any man here who steps out of line and I will kill stone dead, it will not worry me in the slightest! There are no Queen's regulations here! When I say jump, you ask how high,Do I make myself clear? I want to hear it! Do I make myself clear? RIGHT! On the command Right and Left turn, A and B squads turn to the right, C and D squads turn to the left. SQUADS! Right and Left TURN! Right! Let's drive for our first heart attack shall we!..

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