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5,000 BC - ca. 2,000 BCE - Sumer becomes the cradle of civilization in the West. The Sumerians develop writing and are among the first astronomers, mapping the stars into sets of constellations, many of which constellations survive in the zodiac and in the constellations known to the ancient Greeks.. 5 planets that are visible to the naked eye also have Sumerian names.. The Sumerians develop the first systems of celestial omens, which later develop into systems of astrological magic and alchemy in Chaldea and Egypt...

YOU SHAPE THE MIND. Masonry SHAPED society.. IT SHAPED the MIND.. It sculpts it basically in a direction and that is the whole method of controlling the public.. You standardize things through mainstream.. Mainstream comes from the underground.. Stream which they called this current of teaching this thought process this underground movement from the Rosicrucian Era of the 1500's onward, the underground stream.. They shape form and content of your thoughts and by limiting you or directing you along certain lines of thinking with limited access to knowledge you must come to conclusions which they know you must come to..A computer programmer does the same thing. A good programmer who designs a computer and its program, its language that it runs on, will know a conclusion by feeding in the language the data that that computer much reach on any particular problem.. HUMANS WORK EXACTLY THE SAME..High Masonry, not the bottom stuff but High Masonry formed – as Mason forms things.. They form.. They shape society and it means that all the control mechanisms over society are reformed reshaped like building a new cathedral and once you build the new cathedral you dismantle the old.. It has served its purpose..., what about the planes, sir - Surely we must issue the recall code immediately + General Ripper, Sir, as an officer in Her Majesty's Air Force, it is my clear duty, under the present circumstances, to issue the recall code, upon my own authority, and bring back the WinG...

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