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Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post IRA members planned to hide the bomb in a car to kill the band members of the Royal Anglian Regiment that would assemble for the parade. To ensure a parking space in the busy town area, it was necessary to occupy it on the preceding Sunday..Death on the Rock was a British Academy Television Award-winning episode of Thames Television's current affairs series This Week, first aired by the British television network ITV on 28 April 1988..On 6 March 1988, three Irish Republican Army (IRA) members, Danny McCann, Sean Savage and Mairéad Farrell, were shot dead in Gibraltar. The programme examined the shootings and asked why there was no attempt by the Special Air Service (SAS) to arrest the IRA members..The documentary, produced by Roger Bolton and presented by Jonathan Dimbleby, investigated Operation Flavius, an SAS mission in Gibraltar which ended in the deaths of the three Provisional IRA members. The reporter was Julian Manyon..The brief of the mission had been to arrest the IRA members who were suspected by the Joint Intelligence Committee of being in the process of organising a bomb attack on the changing of the guard at The Convent in Gibraltar. The SAS were authorised to '. . . open fire against a person [only] if you or they have reasonable grounds for believing that he/she is currently committing, or is about to commit, an action which is likely to endanger your or their lives, or the life of any other person, and if there is no other way to prevent this..

The SAS stated that McCann had made an 'aggressive move' towards a bag he was carrying. They had presumed he was intending to trigger a car bomb using a remote control device..The documentary featured witnesses who claimed that the SAS had given no warning prior to shooting. Carmen Proetta, an independent witness, told Thames Television "They [the security forces] didn't do anything. They just went and shot these people. That's all. They didn't say anything, they didn't scream, they didn't shout, they didn't do anything. These people were turning their heads back to see what was happening and when they saw these men had guns in their hands they put their hands up. It looked like the man was protecting the girl because he stood in front of her, but there was no chance. I mean they went to the floor immediately, they dropped." The researcher for Thames Television believed Ms Proetta's evidence as it coincided with another account they had received.

Captain Edwards, a member of the Royal Corps of Signals with experience in VHF/HF radio in combat net radio spectrum carried out tests which showed it was possible to receive both voice communication and a single audio tone at the site of the shootings from the assembly area..In February 2008, the Irish media carried reports alleging the Garda (Irish police) had passed on information about the three's movements to the British security services prior to their departure to Gibraltar..The book also contains a surveillance photo of Siobhán O'Hanlon taken in Gibraltar prior to the shootings, and a map of her movements.Siobhán O'Hanlon was a Sinn Féin official and an aide to Gerry Adams..Father Reid then acted as their contact person with the Irish Government in Dublin from a 1987 meeting with Charles Haughey up to the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.In this role, which was not public knowledge..More recently, Reid has moved to Dublin and has been involved in peace efforts in the Basque region of Spain.On April 19, 2009, Fr Reid was awarded the Reflections of Hope Award by the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum...Seconds from disaster - Part 1...
Fight the future - In memories of The X Files - YouTube

Radio "piracy" began with the advent of regulations of the public airwaves in the United States at the dawn of the age of radio. Initially, radio, or wireless as it was more commonly called, was an open field of hobbyists and early inventors and experimenters. The United States Navy began using radio for time signals and weather reports on the east coast of the United States in the 1890s. Before the advent of valve (vacuum tube) technology, early radio enthusiasts used noisy spark-gap transmitters, such as the first spark-gap modulation technology pioneered by the first real audio (rather than telegraph code) radio broadcaster, Charles D. Herrold, in San Jose, California, or the infamous Ruhmkorff coil used by almost all early experimenters..Ceefax was the world's first Tele-Text information service. It was started by the BBC in 1974, and ran regularly filling BBC 2's overnight schedule as Pages from Ceefax. The interactive service ran until 23:32:19 BST on 23 October 2012, in line with the digital switchover being completed in Northern Ireland. The service then ceased after 38 years of broadcasting..Nastrovia! That's Russky for UP YOURS!..He spent part of the night working carefully with his one-time pads, preparing a coded message that no computer would break..In cryptology, a code is a method used to transform a message into an obscured form so it cannot be understood..I will make it my mission in life!..Enlargement Sector 4.. Airborne Support approaching target area... E.T.A...

Death on the Rock - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I'll go home and call all the news stations! Invite them into my Baby Daughter's hospital ward.. Give them what they want!..How's the family, Ryan - Nearly lost 'em, didn't you - It's easy to get at them.. You should look after your family better, you know - Are you there...

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