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They tell him the story of a pagoda where guns are prohibited, and under heavy guard by highly skilled martial artists who are protecting something held on its top level..The pagoda, called Palsang-jon, is the only remaining wooden pagoda in South Korea. At the base of the pagoda they fight 50 people all black belts in martial arts, while inside the pagoda, they encounter a different opponent on each floor, each more challenging than the last. Although his allies try to help out, they are handily defeated, and Hai must face each of the martial artists in one-on-one combat..Hai recognizes that an unusually high sensitivity to LIGHT..Raleased Philippines 1 August 1978 (Davao) France 23 August 1978 ..Bruce Lee vs.Ji Han Jae ) - YouTube
August 10 – MJ releases his breakthrough album Off the Wall selling 7 million copies in the US alone, making it a 7x platinum/14 - A storm in the Irish Sea hits the Fastnet yacht race..15 lives and dozens of yachts are lost -MP John Stonehouse is released from jail after serving four years of his seven-year sentence for faking his own death\23- Bolshoi Ballet dancer Alexander Godunov defects in NYC - UN's Vienna office opens- Iran army opens offensive against Kurds/27 - Lord Mountbatten of Burma, his nephew and a boatboy are assassinated by a Provisional Irish Republican Army bomb while holidaying in the Republic of Ireland, the Dowager Lady Brabourne dying the following day in hospital of injuries received. He was an admiral, statesman and an uncle of The Duke of Edinburgh..Warrenpoint ambush:18 British soldiers killed in Northern Ireland by IRA bombs - 30 August - 2 men are arrested in Dublin and charged with the murder of Lord Mountbatten and the 3 other victims of the bombing..Despite security advice and warnings from the Garda Síochána, on 27 August 1979, Mountbatten went lobster-potting and tuna fishing in a 30-foot (10 m) wooden boat, the Shadow V, which had been moored in the harbour at Mullaghmore. IRA member Thomas McMahon had slipped onto the unguarded boat that night and attached a radio-controlled fifty-pound (23 kg) bomb.. When Mountbatten was aboard en route to Donegal Bay, just a few hundred yards from the shore, the bomb was detonated. Who activated the radio-controlled bomb is not known: McMahon had been arrested earlier at a Garda checkpoint between Longford and Granard\28 - IRA bomb explodes on Brussels Great Market - Train crash at Nijmegen, 7 die/30 - 1st recorded occurrance-comet hits sun (energy=1 mil hydrogen bombs) \31 - 16 yr old Tracy Austin defeats 14 yr old Andrea Jaeger at US Open - Comet Howard-Koomur-Michels collides with Sun...

During filming The Game of Death Bruce Lee received an offer to star in Enter the Dragon.. The first kung fu film to be produced by a Hollywood studio, and with a budget unprecedented for the genre.. Lee died of CEREBAL EDEMA before the film's release. At the time of his death, he had already made plans to resume the filming of The Game of Death..Cerebral edema or cerebral œdema is an X-cess accumulation of water in the intracellular and/or extracellular spaces of the brain....
Dennis Alan, an ethnobotanist/anthropologist from Harvard University, narrowly escapes the Amazon Jungle and returns to Boston. Word of his exploits gets around, and he is approached by a large pharmaceutical corporation looking to investigate a drug used in Voodoo religion in Haiti. They want to acquire it for mass production. They send him to Haiti to find out about the drug, but he learns more about the process of making zombies instead. He discovers the drug is an alternate and less dangerous method of anesthesia..Alan is at first let off with a warning due to his status as a U.S. citizen and touchy diplomatic relations between Haiti and the United States. Alan refuses to leave, however, and continues to investigate the zombie drug. He finds a local witch doctor, Mozart, who can produce it. Before gaining this knowledge, Alan is arrested a second time by the Tonton Macoutes and tortured.. In the actual "zombification" case of Clairvius Narcisse of Haiti, the poison that caused the appearance of death was reported to be tetrodotoxin. After he was unburied, he was given a brew derived from Datura stramonium, which he claimed had mind control properties..Haitian Vodou, and frequently rendered in English as Voodoo) is a syncretic religion that originates in the Caribbean country of Haiti. It is based upon a merging of the beliefs and practices of West African peoples (mainly the Fon and Ewe), with Arawakian religious beliefs, and Roman Catholic Christianity. Vodou was created by African slaves who were brought to Haiti in the 16th century and still followed their traditional African beliefs, but were forced to convert to the religion of their slavers.Practitioners are Commonly described as Vodouisants... time he comes up, he's got no knife, he's got no jacket, he's got no pants, he's got no boots.. All he's got is that stupid gun he carries around like a cowboy..I'll tell ya one thing, if I find out my life had to end up being in the mountains, it'd be all right, but it has to be in your mind...

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