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Azaria Chantel Loren Chamberlain (11 June 1980 – 17 August 1980) was an Australian baby girl who was killed by a dingo on the night of 17 August 1980 on a family camping trip to Uluru (at that date known as Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory. Her body was never found. Her parents, Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, reported that she had been taken from their tent by a dingo. However, Lindy was tried for murder and spent more than 3 years in prison. She was released when a piece of Azaria's clothing was found in a dingo lair, and new inquests were opened. In 2012, some 32 years after Azaria's death, the Chamberlains' version of events was officially confirmed by a coroner..August 2 – A terrorist bombing at the railway station in Bologna, Italy kills 85 people and wounds more than 200\ 14 – Dorothy Stratten, the 1980 Playboy Playmate of the Year is Apparently murdered by estranged husband Paul Leslie Snider, who apparently subsequently commits suicide/15 – 37 people die as a result of fires started by arson at adjacent London nightclubs\19 – 301 people are killed when Saudia Flight 163 catches fire in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia....
The Crown alleged that Lindy Chamberlain had cut Azaria's throat in the front seat of the family car, hiding the baby's body in a large camera case. She then, according to the proposed reconstruction of the crime, rejoined the group of campers around a campfire and fed one of her sons a can of baked beans, before going to the tent and raising the cry that a dingo had taken the baby. It was alleged that at a later time, while other people from the campsite were searching, she disposed of the body..A highly contentious forensic report claiming to have found evidence of fetal haemoglobin in stains on the front seat of the Chamberlains' 1977 Torana hatchback. Fetal haemoglobin is present in infants 6 months and younger and Azaria was 9 weeks old at the time of her disappearance..In her defence, eyewitness evidence was presented of dingoes having been seen in the area on the evening of 17 August 1980...Evidence was also presented that adult blood also passed the test used for fetal haemoglobin, and that other organic compounds can produce similar results on that particular test, including mucus from the nose, and chocolate milkshakes, both of which had been present in the vehicle where Azaria was allegedly murdered..1 witness, a nurse, also reported having heard a baby's cry after the time when the prosecution alleged Azaria had been murdered..Evidence to the effect that a dingo was strong enough to carry a kangaroo was also ignored. Also ignored was the removal of a 3-year-old girl by a dingo from the back seat of a tourist's motor vehicle at the camping area just weeks before, an event witnessed by the parents..The defense's case was rejected by the jury.. Lindy Chamberlain was convicted of murder on 29 October 1982 and sentenced to life imprisonment...

The final resolution of the case was triggered by a chance discovery. In early 1986, English tourist David Brett fell to his death from Uluru during an evening climb. Because of the vast size of the rock and the scrubby nature of the surrounding terrain, it was 8 days before Brett's remains were discovered, lying below the bluff where he had lost his footing and in an area full of dingo lairs.. As police searched the area, looking for missing bones that might have been carried off by dingoes, they discovered a small item of clothing. It was quickly identified as the crucial missing piece of evidence from the Chamberlain case—Azaria's missing matinee jacket...Public and media opinion during the trial was polarised, with "fanciful rumours and sickening jokes" and many cartoons.. In particular, antagonism was directed towards Lindy Chamberlain for reportedly not behaving as a "stereotypical" grieving mother.. Much was made of the Chamberlains' 7-day Adventist religion, including false allegations that the church was actually a cult that killed infants as part of bizarre religious ceremonies, that the family took a newborn baby to a remote desert location, and that Lindy Chamberlain showed little emotion during the proceedings..1 anonymous tip was received from a man, falsely claiming to be Azaria's doctor in Mount ISA, that the name "Azaria" meant "sacrifice in the wilderness" (it actually means "God helped") Others claimed that Lindy Chamberlain was a witch...The press appeared to seize upon any point that could be sensationalised. For example, it was reported that Lindy Chamberlain dressed her baby in a black dress. This provoked negative opinion, despite the trends of the early 1980s, during which black and navy cotton girls' dresses were in fashion, often trimmed with brightly coloured ribbon, or printed with brightly coloured sprigs of flowers...

The dingo is the largest terrestrial predator in Australia, and plays an important role as an apex predator. However, the dingo is seen as a pest by sheep farmers due to frequent attacks on livestock. Conversely, their predation on rabbits, kangaroos, and rats is of benefit to cattle ranchers.. As is typical in domestic dogs, the dingo's relative brain size is smaller than that of all non-domesticated subspecies of wolves, being almost identical in size to that of dogs considered Canis lupus familiaris...It is widely held that dingoes have evolved or were bred from the Indian wolf or Arabian wolf around 6,000 to 10,000 years ago, as was assumed for all domestic dogs..Analyses of amino acid sequences of the haemoglobin from a "pure" dingo in the 1970s supported the theory that dingoes are more closely related to domestic dogs than they are to grey wolves or coyotes...DNA studies on Australian dingoes and domestic dogs were also undertaken with 5 of these being more closely examined. No genetic difference could be found...Compared to wolves and domestic dogs, the variation of mtDNA sequences was very limited. Among dingoes only twenty mtDNA sequences differing in 2 point mutations at most could be found...Compared to most domestic dogs, the bark of a dingo is short and monosyllabic and rarely used...Dingoes have three basic forms of howling (moans, bark-howls, and snuffs) with at least 10 variations. Usually, three kinds of howls are distinguished: long and persistent, rising and ebbing, and short and abrupt...Growling is seen to make up 65% of the vocalisations, and is used in an agonistic context for dominance and as a defensive sound...Unlike wolves, dingoes can react to social cues and gestures from humans...About 170 species (from insects to buffalo) have been identified as being part of the dingo diet. In general, livestock seems to make up only a small proportion of their diets...Dingoes often kill by biting the throat and adjust their hunting strategies to suit circumstances. For bigger prey, due to their strength and potential danger, two or more individuals are needed. Such group formations are unnecessary when hunting rabbits or other small prey..The dingo is connected to holy places, totems, rituals, and dreamtime characters...Dingo attacks on humans are rare but are known to happen. Dingoes are a danger to livestock, especially sheep and young cattle, which is why the Dingo Fence was constructed...In December 1933, when 3 girls went missing near Mount Coot-tha, the possibility of their having been attacked by dingoes was considered...Early Brisbane people called it One Tree Hill when bush at the top of the hill was cleared except for one large eucalypt tree...On 15 July 2012 14-year old Jabiru Kakadu, Australian girl woke to a dingo dragging at her sleeping bag (Kakadu National Park is a protected area in the Northern Territory of Australia, 171 km southeast of Darwin).To be better prepared for dingo attacks demands were made that a better recording of problematic cases should be implemented... ding is an ancient Chinese vessel shape, a cauldron with legs, a lid and 2 facing handles. They were made in 2 shapes with round vessels having 3 legs and rectangular ones 4 and were used for cooking, storage and the preparation of ritual offerings to ancestors.. They can be traced back as early as the Erlitou phase of Chinese history.Ceramic and bronze ding have been found at the Erlitou site, with some ceramic ding dating back to the Xia Dynasty...

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