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Long-range reconnaissance patrols, or LRRPs (pronounced "Lurps"), are small, heavily armed long-range reconnaissance teams that patrol deep in enemy-held territory..The concept of scouts date back to the origins of warfare itself, however, in modern times these specialized units evolved from examples such as the Long Range Desert Group and Special Air Service in the Western Desert Campaign and North West Europe and similar units such as Force 136 in the Far East during the Second World War. The Finnish Army developed the concept separately on the Karelian Front of World War II from 1941 to 1944..The Fernspählehrkompanie 200 or short FSLK200 (roughly translated: Special Surveillance and Reconnaissance Instruction Company 200) is a highly specialized unit of the German Army. Fernspäher is an old term for elite reconnaissance troopers, relating to German fern (in this context over long distances) and Späher (scout). Thus, Fernspäher are reconnaissance soldiers who cover great distances to gather intelligence and fulfill their mission..Army film on the work of the International Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol School (ILRRPS), based at Weingarten in southern Germany. Primarily run by Belgium, Germany, Greece, Norway, the United States and the United Kingdom, ILRRPS provided specialist training to allow soldiers to operate effectively in gathering intelligence behind enemy lines. The film describes the Patrol, Survival and Recognition aspects of training, shows soldiers learning and applying each skill set and illustrates the phases of a typical operation. The patrol leaders' and winter patrol courses are also covered...'m standing here; you make the move. You make the move. It's your move..I'm glad you don't have a stomach ache any more. I don't think it means anything...

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