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Arrow Ghoat Rebirth

The High priest and the Goat..

Once upon a time in a village in ancient India,there was a little goat and a priest..The priest wanted to sacrifice the goat to the gods..He raised his arm to cut the goat's throat, when suddenly the goat began to laugh..The priest stopped, amazed, and asked the goat,"Why do you laugh? Don't you know I'm about to cut your throat?""Oh, yes," said the goat.."After 499 times dying...and being reborn as a goat,I will be reborn as a human being."Then the little goat began to cry..The high priest said,"Why now are you crying?"And the goat replied,"For you, poor priest..I too was a high priest...and sacrificed goats to the G-ds"... the body yields to the claims of the spirit as it should, it is instrumental in bringing down the Kingdom of heaven on earth. It becomes a vehicle for the release of divine life, and when it subserves this purpose it might aptly be called the temple of G on Earth...

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