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Kehlsteinhaus (in English-speaking countries also known as the Eagle's Nest) is a chalet-style structure erected on a subpeak of the Hoher Göll known as the Kehlstein.. It was built as an extension of the Obersalzberg complex erected in the mountains above Berchtesgaden.. The Kehlsteinhaus was intended as a 50th birthday present for Adolf Hitler to serve as a retreat, and a place for him to entertain visiting dignitaries..The Kehlsteinhaus was commissioned by Martin Bormann, with construction proceeding over a 13-month period. It was completed in the summer of 1938, prior to its formal presentation to Hitler on his 50th birthday on April 20, 1939. It is situated on a ridge at the top of the Kehlstein mountain 1,834 m (6,017 ft), reached by a 6.5 km (4.0 mi) long and 4 m (13 ft) wide road that cost RM 30 million to build (about 150 million euros in 2007, adjusted in line with inflation). It includes five tunnels but only one hairpin turn and climbs 800 m (2,600 ft)..The last 124 m (407 ft) up to the Kehlsteinhaus are reached by an elevator bored straight down through the mountain and linked via a tunnel through the granite below that is 124 m (407 ft) long..The inside of the large elevator car is surfaced with polished brass, Venetian mirrors and green leather (the elevator is still used daily).. Construction of the mountain elevator system cost the Lives of 12 construction Workers...

The 10th (Sussex) Parachute Battalion was an airborne infantry battalion of the Parachute Regiment, raised by the British Army during the Second World War..When the Territorial Army was reformed after the war in 1947. A new 10th Battalion was raised. It was part of the reserve 44th Parachute Brigade in the 16th Airborne Division. However as a result of defence cuts the battalion was eventually amalgamated with the 4th Battalion..The original 10th Parachute Battalion was a war-formed unit which as part of the British 1st Airborne Division fought at the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden)..During this action Captain Lionel Ernest Queripel was awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross..I was on parade (following a week of training at Windsor Barracks) at the presentation of colours by HRH Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, at Duke of York's HQ, Chelsea on 3rd June 1983.. A new 10th Battalion was raised in 1947 as part of the T.A. based in London..The 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion and 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion were dropped at Normandy as part of the 6th Airborne Division during the 'D' Day landings (Operation Overlord) and on 12 June took part in the action at Breville..On the right sleeve of the smock worn by XV PARA soldiers just below the wings was a tartan DZ flash. This was similar to that used by the Lowland Scottish Regiments being a section of the Hunting Stewart Tartan.. It was also worn on the beret behind the parachute regiment capbadge..The Battle of Bréville was fought by the British 6th Airborne Division and the German 346th Infantry Division, between the 8 and 13 June 1944, during the invasion of Normandy in the 2nd World War..The British attack occurred over the night of 12/13 June 1944, when Major General Richard Nelson Gale committed his only reserves, the 12th Parachute Battalion, a company from the 12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment and the 22nd Independent Parachute Company... Why are you running away from me,Char-ley..I'm here to teach you but also I'm here to help you.. Chapter 11, Verse 13..Any problems you come to me. Don't be afraid, day or night, any advice..I love you, Mark..You're like my brother..We're gonna get to Know each other.. I see you're an O-rphan..

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