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O- that we now had here-But one 10 thousand of those men in England-Band of Brothers was a phrase used by Rear-Admiral Horatio Nelson to refer to the Captains under his command just prior to and at the Battle of the Nile in 1798.. The convey runs into an ambush in which Dancer is captured. The smugglers release Dancer who recognizes the voice of their leader, as a local member of the landed gentry...
He arrived at Toccoa in mid-August 1942 and was assigned to Company E, 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, serving under First Lieutenant (later Captain) Herbert Sobel..Company E was also known as "Easy Company" per the contemporaneous Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet. Initially he served as a platoon leader in charge of 2nd Platoon, but later, in October 1942, he was promoted to 1st lieutenant and became the acting company executive officer, although this was not made official until May 1943..The 506th PIR was an experimental unit, being the first regiment to undertake airborne training as a formed unit..As many of the men had very little previous military experience the training at Toccoa was necessarily very tough and as a consequence there was a high level of personnel wastage. Indeed, of the 500 officers who had volunteered, only 148 successfully completed the course. The enlisted men had it equally tough, with only 1,800 men being selected out of 5,300 volunteers..Promoted to first lieutenant, Sobel commanded Company E for all of their basic training at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.. He was known to be strict, earning hatred by many of his men. However, because of the intense training he gave his men, he was credited with creating the finest company in the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment. He was promoted to the rank of captain in recognition of his ability as a trainer..Shortly before Easy Company took part in the invasion of the Netherlands, Sobel was assigned to the 506th once again, this time replacing Salve Matheson as the regimental S-4 (logistics) officer for Operation Market Garden P..Sobel was negatively portrayed as inept in the television series Band of Brothers, a depiction which has proved controversial..Since the series, his son Michael has spoken out on his behalf.. In various interviews, Easy Company veterans have acknowledged the importance Sobel's training played in the company's later successes..In the late 1960s, Sobel shot himself in the head with a small-caliber pistol.. The bullet entered his left temple, passed behind his eyes, and exited out the other side of his head. This severed his optic nerves and left him blind.. He was later moved to a VA assisted living facility in Waukegan, Illinois. Sobel resided there for his last 17 years until his death due to malnutrition on September 30, 1987.. No services were held for Sobel after his death...'s the deal.. it's been strongly suggested that we turn over Arthur and abandon these refugees OuT here in the bush. I'll tell you right now: I'm not gonna do that. Can't do that. Broke my own rule - started to give a fuck. And brought you guys along With me. We're about to walk into some serious shit. Before we do, I just like to hear what you guys have to say about it..What 'bout you, Red..Christianity's most sacred codices are in that Archive...

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