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Arrow Fan Dance

Gorgonacea is an order of sessile colonial cnidarian found throughout the oceans of the world, especially in the tropics and subtropics. Gorgonians are also known as sea whips or sea fans and are similar to the sea pen, a soft coral. Gorgonians are closely related to, but technically not coral, themselves. Individual tiny polyps form colonies that are normally erect, flattened, branching, and reminiscent of a fan. Others may be whiplike, bushy, or even encrusting.A colony can be several feet high and across but only a few inches thick. They may be brightly coloured, often purple, red, or yellow. Photosynthetic gorgonians can be successfully kept in captive reef aquariums..The name "Gorgonacea" is no longer considered valid and Alcyonacea is now the accepted name for the order.A pencil in projective geometry is a family of geometric objects with a common property, for example the set of lines That pass through a given point in a Projective Plane...

Fan is a municipality in the Mirditë District, Lezhë County, northwestern Albania..The Great Fan rises near Qafë-Mali in the Pukë District. It flows west through Fushë-Arrëz, then south through Gjegjan and to Rrëshen..Fan County falls under the jurisdiction of Puyang, Henan Province..Puyang is a prefecture-level city in northeastern Henan province, People's Republic of China. Located on the northern shore of the Yellow River, it borders Anyang in the west, Xinxiang in the southwest, and the provinces of Shandong and Hebei in the E and North respectively...The Fan Dance - YouTube

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