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Zigeunermischlinge ("Gypsy half-breeds") used in an anthropological study by German psychologist Eva Justin. They were sent to the "Gypsy camp" and murdered when the camp was liquidated..."Mischlinge" half-Romani children at St. Josefspflege orphanage in Mulfingen, Germany, were used in Eva Justin's racial studies for her PhD dissertation. 39 of them (20 boys and 19 girls) were shipped to Auschwitz extermination camp on May 9, 1944. Of the 39 children,2 survived Auschwitz; all the others were killed, most on August 3, 1944...

As Auschwitz decree, the decree Heinrich Himmler from the 16th December 1942 referred to by which the deportation of the inside of the German Empire surviving Roma was ordered to it - unlike previous individual or collective deportations - to destroy the entire minority. The decree itself is not delivered. He is following him in the execution of policy (the "express letter") of the Reich Criminal Police Office on (RKPA) 29 January 1943, cited as a reference:

"By order of the Reichsführer SS, 16:12:42 - Tgb No. I 2652/42 Ad. / RF / V. - Hybrids are gypsies, Rom Gypsies and non- German blood relatives gypsy clans of Balkan origins to specific guidelines to select and instruct in an action of a few weeks in a concentration camp. This group of people is in the following abbreviated as 'gypsy people'. The briefing takes place regardless of the degree of mixed blood family, in the concentration camp ( Gypsy camp ) Auschwitz. "

The quick letter was entitled "Instruction of Gypsy half-breeds, Rome and Balkan Gypsies Gypsies to concentration camps."

Similar deportation orders as to the express letter of 29 Were issued on 26 January 1943 and January 28, 1943 for the " Danube and Alpenreichsgaue "and on 29 March 1943 for the District of Bialystok , the Alsace , Lorraine , Belgium , Luxembourg and the Netherlands . Compared to the Burgenland and the East Prussian Roma pointed to the RKPA similar statements of 26 May and 1 October 1941 and the 6 July, 1942.

A precursor of the decree was Himmler Thierack Agreement of 17 September, 1942. It read:

Anti-social elements from the prison, Jews, Gypsies, Russians, Ukrainians (or should) to the Reichsführer SS for extermination through work are delivered..Come on, Borat, let's see what ya got.She's homesick for Balti-More..

Eva Justin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

JUst a little a scratch..I'm sorry..You have such beautful skin..The English term gipsy or gypsy originates from the Middle English gypcian, short for Egipcien. It is ultimately derived, via Middle French and Latin, from the Greek Αἰγύπτιοι (Aigyptioi), i.e. "Egyptians"; cf. Greek γύφτοι (gýftoi), a corruption of the same word. It was once believed that the Romanies, or some other Gypsy groups (such as the Balkan Egyptians), originated in Egypt, and in one narrative were exiled as punishment for allegedly harbouring the infant Jesus..The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) states a 'gipsy' is a member of a Wandering race (by themselves called Romany), of Indian origin, which first appeared in England about the beginning of the 16th c... To set free a stupid little farm girl after 22 years of unhappiness..He was the chief doctor of Auschwitz, who killed 2.5 million people, experimented with children - Jewish and non-Jewish - using twins mostly, injecting black dyes into their eyes to make them acceptable Aryans... amputating limbs and organs from thousands without anesthetics..This is a notice for the harvest fair tonight, girls..Gosh! Village is so Enchanting...

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