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Lightbulb T of the Sierra Madre

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a 1927 adventure novel by the mysterious German-English bilingual author B. Traven, in which 2 destitute Americans of the 1920s join with an old-timer, in Mexico, to prospect for gold..By the 1920s the violence of the Mexican Revolution had largely subsided, although scattered gangs of bandits continued to terrorize the countryside. The newly established post-revolution government relied on the effective but ruthless Federal Police, commonly known as the Federales, to patrol remote areas and dispose of the bandits..Foreigners, like the three American prospectors who are the focus of the story, were at very real risk of being killed by the bandits. The bandits, likewise, were given little more than a "last cigarette" by the Army units after Capture, even having to dig their own graves first...

The Sierra Tarahumara or Tarahumara range is the name for the region of the Sierra Madre..This name comes from the Tarahumara natives..This is a dramatic landscape of steep mountains formed by a high plateau that has been cut through with canyons including Copper Canyon, larger and, in places, deeper than the Grand Canyon..This plateau has an average elevation of 2,250 m (7,380 ft) with most of the more eroded canyons on the Western slope, due to the higher Moisture content...Schindler's List (4/9) Movie CLIP - Bach or Mozart? (1993) HD - YouTube you fellas, how 'bout some beans? You want some beans? Goin' through some mighty rough country tomorrow, you'd better have some beans.. I think I'll go to sleep and dream about my piles getting bigger and bigger and bigger...

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