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South Pier (originally known as Victoria Pier) is 1 of 3 piers in Blackpool, England. Located on South Promenade on the South Shore, the pier contains a number of amusement and adrenalin rides. It opens each year from March to November and is owned by 6 Piers Limited...On 10 April 2011 70 people were trapped by the tide near the pier... The pier now contains numerous rides including Dodogems, Crazy Mouse and a Waltzer..The last 4 minutes of the song is an instrumental outro. The song is in the key of B Mixolydian.. The single was released on 30 March 1992, and reached number 33 on the UK Singles Chart.. It was the last of several singles released from their debut album while the band were estranged from their label Silvertone..Blackpool is believed to get its name from a historic drainage channel (possibly Spen Dyke) that ran over a peat bog, discharging discoloured water into the Irish Sea, which formed a black pool (on the other side of the sea, "Dublin" (Dubh Linn) is derived from the Irish for "black pool").. Another explanation is that the local dialect for stream was "pul" or "poole", hence "Black poole"...Released 30 March 1992...

A circle of 12 sycamore trees with a ring of stones with a pool of oil in its center. Glastonberry Grove is situated within Ghostwood National Forest.. Glastonberry Grove is the gateway to the Waiting Room and the Lodges but it is only open upon the Conjuction of Jupiter and Saturn Owl Cave map/calender mark the gateway and the time it is open -In population genetics, a gene pool is the complete set of unique alleles in a species or population + 1 - "Visit" closes at Criterion Theater NYC after 45 perfs – 1st victims of the Bosnian War are a Serb groom's father and an Orthodox priest in a Sarajevo shooting - "Little Hotel on the Side" closes at Belasco NYC after 41 perfs/3 – Turkey's worst coal mine disaster leaves 263 dead near Zonguldak\9 - PRofChina ratifies the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty/11 – Manuel de Dios Unanue, former editor of El Diario La Prensa, is slain in a restaurant in Queens, New York \13 – In eastern Turkey, an EQ registering a surface wave magnitude of 6.8, kills over 500 - 1st Emucenical church in Britain, the Christ the Cornerstone Church in Milton Keynes is opened/17 - Russian manned space craft TM-14, launches into orbit- Shadow Chancellor Smith announces that there will be no tax reductions this year- "Death & the Maiden" opens at Brooks Atkinson NYC for 159 perfs\18 – White South Africans vote in favour of political reforms/ 19 - Buckingham Palace announces that Duke and Duchess of York are to separate after 6 years of marriage - "Master Builder" opens at Belasco Theater NYC for 45 perfs\22 - US Air NY to Cleveland crashes on take off at LaGuardia, 27 die/23 - Florida Marlins begin selling tickets\24 - Election campaigning becomes dominated by the "War of Jennifer's Ear"..You can't run from this war soldier! Not under my command. You're growing Weak.. You should have taken your... Medication - Open Skies Treaty is signed in Helsink - "Jake's Women" opens at Neil Simon Theater NYC for 245 perfs- Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space - Sudanese Boeing 707 crashes on mountain Hymettos at Athens: 5-6 die- 1st Belgium in the space, Dirk Frimout on Atlantis Space Shuttle STS-45 (Atlantis 11) launches into space/25 - Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returns to Earth after a 10-month stay aboard the Mir space station\26 - Hiiiiiii There Roy who currently presents Record Breakers/29 - JSpencer, 8th Earl Spencer and father of Princess Diana, dies suddenly from pneumonia at the age of 68 – In France, police arrest 3 men believed to be planning a Basque Attack\31 - UN Security Council voted to ban flights & arms sales to Libya–Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act of Singapore comes into force..In Babylonian astronomy, the Taurus constellation was listed in the MUL.APIN as GU4.AN.NA, “ Heavenly Bull”.. It was also the first constellation in the Babylonian zodiac and described as “The Bull in Front”..Black is the colour of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of Light Oil comes from Old French "oile", from Latin "oleum", which in turn comes from the Greek "ἔλαιον" (elaion), "olive oil, oil"and that from "ἐλαία" (elaia), "Olive Tree"...,_Jr. I mean, your buddies back there just shot enough ammo at us to destroy Eastern Europe..I figured you had to be French or something because of your accent...

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