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Wink Daisy & Violet

5 February 1908 – January 1969 were a pair of British conjoined Twins or Siamese Twins who toured in the U.S. sideshow and vaudeville circuit in the 1930s..The girls were born in Riley Road, Brighton, England, on 5 February 1908. Their mother was Kate Skinner, an unmarried barmaid. The sisters were born joined by their hips and buttocks; they shared blood circulation and were fused at the pelvis but shared no major organs. Skinner's boss Mary Hilton, who helped in childbirth, apparently saw commercial prospects in them, and thus effectively bought them from their mother and took them under her care. The girls first stayed above the Queen's Head pub in Brighton, but later moved to the Evening Star pub..According to the sisters' autobiography, Mary Hilton with her husband and daughter kept the twins in strict control with physical abuse; they had to call her "Auntie Lou" and her husband "Sir". They trained the girls in singing and dancing...

The Sisters toured first in Britain at age 3 as "The United Twins". Mary Hilton took them on to a tour through Germany, then to Australia, then to the USA. In true sideshow manner, their performance was accompanied by an imaginative "history".. Their controllers kept all the money the sisters earned. In 1926 Bob Hope formed an act called the Dancemedians with the Hilton Sisters, who had a tap-dancing routine..When Mary died in Birmingham, Alabama, her daughter and her husband took over. They kept the twins from public view for a while and trained them in jazz music. Violet was a skilled saxophonist and Daisy a violinist. They lived in a mansion in San Antonio, Texas until the early 1930s..Daisy dyed her hair blonde and they began to wear different outfits so they could be told apart. They had numerous affairs, failed attempts to get a marriage license, and a couple of short marriages. In 1932, the twins appeared as themselves in the film Freaks.. In 1951 they starred in Chained for Life, an X-ploitation film loosely based on their lives..

The Hiltons' last public appearance was in 1961 at a drive-in cinema in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their tour manager abandoned them there, and with no means of transportation or income, they were forced to take a job in a nearby grocery store..On 4 January 1969, after they failed to report to work, their boss called the police. The twins were found dead in their home, victims of the Hong Kong flu.. According to a forensic investigation, Daisy died first; Violet died between 2 and 4 days later.. They were buried in Forest Lawn West Cemetery..The number 708 bus in their birth town of Brighton, England is named in their honour..Sol-0-Mon is Synonymous with both the Morning and Evening stars...

The Hong Kong flu was the first known outbreak of the H3N2 strain, though there is serologic evidence of H3N1 infections in the late 19th century.. The virus was isolated in Queen Mary Hospital..Flu symptoms lasted 4 to 5 days (some symptoms lasted up to 2 weeks)..Those over the age of 65 were most likely to die..By September 1968, the flu reached India, the Philippines, northern Australia and Europe. That same month, the virus entered California from returning Vietnam War troops but did not become widespread in the US until December 1968.. It would reach Japan, Africa and South America by 1969..Pigs can harbor influenza viruses adapted to humans and others that are adapted to birds, allowing the viruses to exchange genes and create a pandemic strain.."3 strains of Hong Kong influenza virus isolated from humans were compared with a strain isolated from a calf for their ability to cause disease in calves. One of the human strains.. A/Aichi/2/68, was detected for 5 days in a calf, but all 3 failed to cause signs of disease. Strain A/cal/Duschanbe/55/71 could be detected for 7 days and caused an influenza-like illness in calves"...

February 2 - General World Disarmament Conference begins in Geneva-League of Nations again recommends negotiations between the Republic of China and Japan -Reconstruction Finance Corporation begins operations in Washington, D.C./4 - Winter Olympics open in Lake Placid, New York -Japan occupies Harbin, China\9 – Junnosuke Inoue, prominent Japanese businessman, banker and former governor of the Bank of Japan is assassinated by right-wing extremist group the League of Blood in the League of Blood Incident- US airship Columbia crashes during storm (Flushing, NY)/11 – Pope Pius XI meets Benito Mussolini in Vatican City- 73°F highest temperature ever recorded in Cleveland\HMS M2 was a Royal Navy submarine monitor completed in 1919, converted in 1927 into the world's first submarine aircraft carrier. She was shipwrecked in Lyme Bay, Dorset, Britain, on 26 January 1932. She was 1 of M-class boats completed..M2 left her base at Portland on 26 January 1932, for an exercise in West Bay, Dorset, carrying Parnall Peto serial N255.. Her last communication was a radio message at 10:11 to her submarine depot ship, Titania, to announce that she would dive at 10:30..Her entire crew of 60 was killed..The submarine was found on 3 February,8 days after her loss..The British Royal Navy M-class submarines were a small class of diesel-electric submarines built during World War I.. The unique feature of the class design was a 12-inch (305 mm) gun mounted in a turret forward of the conning tower..M1 and M2 also had Four 18-inch (450-mm) torpedo tubes whilst M3 and M4 had 21-inch (533 mm) diameter tubes and were 3 metres longer to accommodate them..In 1924 all 3 completed members of the class were used to test hull camouflage to reduce the visibility of submarines from aircraft—M1 was painted grey-green, M2 dark grey and M3 was painted dark blue - 16- 1st patent issued for a tree, to James Markham for a peach tree...'m awfully glad you asked me that, Lloyd. Because I just happen to have to 20's and 2 Tens right Here in my wallet.. And I was afraif there were gonna be there until net April.. So, here's what - You slip me a bottle of bourbon, a cool glass and some Ice..with the O-ld sperm-bank Upstairs...

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