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Lightbulb OTher Ghost

Grace Stewart is a devout Roman Catholic Mother who lives with her 2 small children in a remote country house in the British Crown Dependency of Jersey, in the immediate aftermath of World War II. The children, Anne and Nicholas, have an uncommon disease, xeroderma pigmentosum, characterized by photosensitivity, so their lives are structured around a series of complex rules designed to protect them from inadvertent exposure to sunlight.. The new arrival of 3 servants at the house, an aging nanny and servant named Mrs. Bertha Mills , an elderly gardener named Mr. Edmund Tuttle , and a young mute girl named Lydia coincides with a number of odd events, and Grace begins to fear that they are not alone, there is also a demon known as the "Beast" to Manipulate the other spirits...

Rev. Henry Kane was sent back from the limbo with the ability to create mass hysteria and to perform mass hypnosis draining the high rise of heat and take possession of reflections in mirrors, causing the reflections of people to act independently of their physical counterparts through the TV . As the hallucinations become increasingly bizarre, Paul, one of Jacob's old Army friends, contacts him to tell him about sharing such experiences, and is soon killed when his car X-plodes..his surviving platoon-mates confess to Jacob they too have been seeing horrible hallucinations, and agree to seek the truth about the incident .. They meet a lawyer, Mr. Geary, who at first says they have a case then backs out, saying he has found that they were never even in Vietnam as they were all discharged during wargame training. ..

August 4 – Ox-ford United move into their new 12,500-seat Kassam Stadium \7– GoV takes an unprecedented step with the £27million nationalisation of a private hospital nr Harley Street in London/9 – Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem is attacked by a Palestinian militant, who kills 15 civilians and wounds 130- Bush announces his support for federal funding of limited research on embryonic stem cells\11 – Southampton F.C. move into their new 32,000-seat St Mary's Stadium/16 – Royal butler Paul Burrell charged with the theft of items belonging to Diana, POW's\21- NATO decides to send a peace-keeping force to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia- The Red Cross announces that a famine is striking Teajikistan/24 - Air Transat Flight 236 runs out of fuel over the Atlantic Ocean\ 25 – Recording artist Aaliyah and 8 others are killed in an airplane crash in The Bahamas...

Sept-ember 9- Ahmed Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance, is assassinated in Afghan-istan – A suicide bomber kills Ahmad Shah Massoud, military commander of the ANA/10 – Donald Rumsfeld warns of $2,300,000,000,000 of Pentagon spending that cannot be accounted for\11 – 2,997 people are killed in the September 11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and in rural Shanksville, Pennsylvania - Canada Square, the UK's tallest building, and the LSE are evacuated following the attacks /13 - Queen orders the Changing of the Guard ceremony to be paused for a 2-minute silence - Steppewar becomes leader- Civilian aircraft traffic resumes in the U.S. after the attacks\14 – National memorial service held at St Paul's Cathedral /17– Gateshead Millennium Bridge opens to the public\18 – The 2001 anthrax attacks commence as letters containing anthrax spores are mailed/20 - In an address to a joint session U.S..Bush declares a "WOTsit"\21 - Deep Space 1 flies within 2,200 km of Comet Borrelly – In Toulouse, France, the AZote Fertilisant chemical factory explodes, killing 29 and seriously wounding over 2,500 – Teenager Ross Parker Murdered /26 – 5th Star Trek TV series Enterprise premieres on UPN\29 - Syracuse Herald-Journal, a U.S. newspaper dating back to 1839, ceases publication..

October 2 - NATO- backs US military strikes, following 9/11\ 4 – Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 crashes over the Black Sea en route from Tel Aviv, Israel, to Novosibirsk, Russia; 78 are killed/7 – The United States invades Afghanistan, with participation from other nations– Submarines of the British Royal Navy participate using Tomahawk cruise missiles\8 - Flight SK686 of Scandinavian Airlines collides in heavy fog first with a private plane and then a building in Milano Airport; 118 are killed/15 – NASA's Galileo spacecraft passes within 112 miles (180 km) of Jupiter's moon Io\19 SIEV-X, an Indonesian fishing boat en-route to Christmas Island, carrying over 400 asylum seekers, sank in international waters with the loss of 353 people/21 - "United We Stand" benefit concert for Ember 11\23- P-IRA of Northern Ireland commences disarmament after peace talks - iPod introduced by Apple/25 – British Crime Survey reveals that crime rates are at their lowest levels \26 - Bush signs the Patriot Act into law - Red-billed Chough recolonises Cornwall after an absence of 50 years..
Outside, Grace loses herself in the heavy fog, but she miraculously discovers her husband Charles , who she thought had been killed in the war, and brings him back to the house. Charles is distant during the one day he spends in the house, and Mrs. Mills is heard telling Mr. Tuttle, "I do not think he knows where he is"..They're not part of consciousness as we know it. They linger in a perpetual dreamstate, a nightmare from which they can not awake..The children run upstairs and hide, but are found by the strange old woman. Downstairs, the servants continue talking to Grace, telling her that the living and the dead have to learn to Exist together.. Upstairs, Anne and Nicholas discover the old woman is acting as a medium in a séance with Victor's parents..There's a couple more things.. A terrible presence is in there with her. So much rage, so much betrayal, I've never sensed anything like it. I don't know what hovers over this house, but it was strong enough to punch a hole into this world..Baby powder is an astringent powder used for preventing Rashes, as a deodorant, and for other cosmetic uses.. It may be composed of talc or corn starch. .10 August USA/ 1 - September Italy (Venice Film Festival) \7 - Spain/14 -Switzerland (Italian speaking region)\15 - Netherlands (Film by the Sea Film Festival)September 2001... own all the land..Yes I know..I can smell her things, only a child can understand..I can hear you! Hey, I can hear you!..Sweetheart, do you remember when you walk to it... you become a part of it forever.. Ahhh..this is probably going to be seem a little strange..We hear better on channel 5...

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