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The Kaaba الكعبة‎‎ al-Kaʿbah, "The Cube", also known as the Sacred House (بيت الحرام‎ Baytu l-Ḥarām) and the Ancient House (بيت العتيق‎ Baytu l-'Atīq), is a Q-boid building in Mecca, Saudi Arabia..The Qiblah has importance beyond salaat and plays a part in various ceremonies..Head of an Animal that is slaughtered using halal methods is aligned with the Qiblah.. After death, Muslims are buried with their heads turned right towards the direction of the Qiblah..According to the traditional Muslim view, the Qiblah originally faced the Noble Sanctuary in Jerusalem. This Qiblah was used for over 13 years, from 610 CE until 623 CE..17 months after the Islamic prophet Muhammad's 622 CE arrival in Medina – the date is given as 11 February 624 – the Qiblah became oriented towards the Kaaba in Mecca..11th Spirit in order is a great and strong Duke, called Gusion.. He appeareth like a Xenopilus.. He telleth all things, Past, Present, and to Come, and showeth the meaning and resolution of all questions thou mayest ask.. He conciliateth and reconcileth friendships, and giveth Honour and Dignity unto any. He ruleth over 40 Legions of Spirits...

Al-Uzzá (Arabic: العزى‎) was 1 of the 3 chief goddesses of Arabian religion in pre-Islamic times and was worshiped as one of the daughters of Allāh by the pre-Islamic arabs along with Allāt and Manāt.. Al-‘Uzzá was also worshipped by the Nabataeans, who equated her with the Greek goddess Aphrodite Ourania (Roman Venus Caelestis). A stone cube at aṭ-Ṭā’if (near Mecca) was held sacred as part of her cult.. She is mentioned in the Qur'an Sura 53:19 as being one of the female idols that people worshipped..Al-‘Uzzá, like Hubal, was called upon for protection by the pre-Islamic Quraysh. "In 624 at the battle called 'Uhud', the war cry of the Qurayshites was, "O people of Uzzā, people of Hubal!" Al-‘Uzzā also later appears in Ibn Ishaq's account of the Saturnic Verses..The first known mention of al-‘Uzzá is from the inscriptions at Dedan, the capital of the Lihyanite Kingdom, in the fourth or third century BC. She had been adopted alongside Dushara as the presiding goddess at Petra, the Nabataen capital, where she assimilated with Isis, Tyche, and Aphrodite attributes and superseded her Sisters..Inscriptions related to al-‘Uzzá among the Nabataeans at Petra have been interpreted to associate al-‘Uzzá with the planet Venus...

Manāt (Arabic: منات‎) was 1 of the 3 chief goddesses of Mecca. The pre-Islamic Arabs believed Manāt to be the goddess of fate. She was known by the cognate name Manawat to the Nabataeans of Petra, who equated her with the Graeco-Roman goddess Nemesis and she was considered the wife of Hubal. She is also mentioned in the Qur'an (Sura 53:20) that pre-Islamic Arabs believed as one of the daughters of Allāh along with Allāt and Al-‘Uzzá, however it is stated in the Qur'an that God has no progeny. According to Grunebaum in Classical Islam, the Arabic name of Manat is the linguistic counterpart of the Hellenistic Tyche, Dahr, fateful 'Time' who snatches men away and robs their existence of purpose and value. There are also connections with Chronos of Mithraism and Zurvan...

Allat (literally, goddess in Semitic languages) was a Sumerian and Semitic goddess, the queen of the underworld.. She was also worshipped by Carthaginians by name Allatu. For pre-Islamic Arab goddess, see AllātGoddess occurs in early Safaitic graffiti and the Nabataeans of Petra and the people of Hatra also worshipped her, equating her with the Greek Athena and Tyche and the Roman Minerva. She is frequently called "the Great Goddess" in Greek in multi-lingual inscriptions..According to Wellhausen, the Nabataeans believed al-Lāt was the mother of Hubal (Mother-in-law of Manāt)..They believe in no other gods except Dionysus and the Heavenly Aphrodite; and they say that they wear their hair as Dionysus does his, Cutting it round the head and shaving the Temples... a danik she'll sell me to Satan... and you'll split your tongue trying to be the Prince of Dariabar.. Can you name the day of the moon and the moon of the year when that medallion was first put upon me by father - Can you name the father's father of my father's father - Can you call to memory the Hun-dred ancestors of my mother - Have you the Hazel eyes of the Ahmed - Have you a scar underneath your 13th rib..FIRST, thou shalt know and observe the Moon's Age for thy Working...

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