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Lightbulb Dome of the Rock

Qubbat as-Sakhrah in Arabic and Kipat Hasela in Hebrew — is an early medieval Muslim shrine on Temple Mount, known as Har haBáyith ("temple mount") in Hebrew and as the Haram Ash-Sharif ("noble sanctuary") in Arabic.. The exposed bedrock directly under the dome — known as the Foundation Stone — is the spot upon which Jewish tradition says Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac and from which Islamic tradition also indicates Muhammad ascended to heaven. (According to a medieval Islamic tradition, the Stone tried to follow Muhammad as he ascended, leaving his footprint here while pulling up and hollowing out the cave below. The impression of the hand of the Archangel Gabriel, made as he restrained the Stone from rising, is nearby..)The Stone — known as Even haShetiya in Hebrew and es-Sakhrah in Arabic — is considered the holiest site in Judaism and the third holiest in Isislam..Muladhara is One of the se7en Primary chakras according to Hindu tantrism.. It may be represented by the color red, but its root square form is usually yellow..After the war in Kosovo, American journalist Michael Montgomery obtained testimony from seven former KLA soldiers who said they had transported prisoners, dead and alive, from Kosovo to Albania. Some of Montgomery's sources referred to the possibility of organ-trafficking and identified a small yellow farmhouse in the village of Rripë near the remote town of Burrel, Albania...

There is one particular praeter-human intelligence of note, which has come to be associated with the Typhonian Tradition in recent years, and that is the entity known as Lam..Well of Souls (Arabic: Bir el- Arweh ‎) — sometimes translated Pit of Souls is a partly natural/partly man-made cave located inside the Foundation Stone under the Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem..The Talmud indicates that the Stone marks the center of the world and serves as a cover for the Abyss (Abzu) containing the raging waters of the Flood.. The cave was venerated as early as 902 according to Ibn al-Faqih.. Muslim tradition likewise places it at the center of the world and over a bottomless pit with the flowing waters of Paradise underneath.. A palm tree is said to grow out of the River of Paradise here to support the Stone. Noah is said to have landed here after the Flood. The souls of the dead are said to be audible here as they await the Last Judgment...
In the city Eridu, Enki's temple was known as E2-abzu (house of the cosmic waters) and was located at the edge of a swamp, an abzu.. Certain tanks of holy water in Babylonian and Assyrian temple courtyards were also called abzu (apsû)..Typical in religious washing, these tanks were similar to the washing pools of Islamic mosques, or the baptismal font in Christian churches...The Sumerian god Enki (Ea in the Akkadian language) was believed to have lived in the abzu since before human beings were created. His wife Damgalnuna, his mother Nammu, his advisor Isimud and a variety of subservient creatures, such as the gatekeeper Lahmu, also lived in the abzu..When above the heavens did not yet exist nor the earth below, Apsu the freshwater ocean was there, the first, the begetter, and Tiamat, the saltwater sea, she who bore them all; they were still mixing their waters, and no pasture land had yet been formed, nor even a reed marsh..Eridu is an ancient Sumerian city in what was long considered the earliest city in southern Mesopotamia, and is still today argued to be the oldest city in the world... First, you have the unmitigated gall to proceed without my permission..I'm well aware that you Somehow consider yourself outside the normal chain of command. But may I remind you that this is a Service, not a free-for-all! And when you're done Showing off, you come back to work for me.. And I, as Director-General of the Security Service...

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