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According to the Greek historian Herodotus, writing about Babylon: "In every village once a year all the girls of marriageable age used to be Collected together in one place, while the men stood round them in a circle; an auctioneer then called each one in turn to stand up and offered her for sale, beginning with the best-looking and going on to the 2nd best as soon as the 1st had been sold for a good price".."Marriage was the object of the Trans-action...

The rich men who wanted wives bid against each other for the Prettiest girls, while the humbler folk, who had no use for good looks in a wife, were actually paid to take the ugly ones, for when the auctioneer had got through all the pretty girls he would call upon the plainest, or even perhaps a crippled one, to stand up, and then ask who was willing to take the least money to marry her -and she was offered to whoever accepted the smallest sum. The money came from the sale of the beauties, who in this way provided dowries for their ugly or misshapen sisters." (Herodotus, "Histories" Book I, paragraph 196.)..., Sweden!.They're not Swedish, Mac..They're Norwegian..You're gonna have to sleep sometime, MacReady..I'm a real light sleeper,Blair ..I know what you mean,Childs ..I have acquired over a very long career..Skills that make me a nightmare for PeaOple like you..A friend gave this to me. It's Albanian. You mind translating it...

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