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Lightbulb Ring Ring

Stu Shepard is an arrogant New York City publicist who has been courting a woman named Pam behind his wife Kelly's back.. He uses the last remaining public phone booth in the city to contact Pam. During the call, he is interrupted by a pizza delivery man, who attempts to deliver a free pizza to him, but Stu rudely turns him away. As soon as Stu completes his call to Pam, the phone rings. Stu answers, to find that the caller, who knows his name, warns him not to leave the boothy, and says he will say hello to Pam for him...
April 3 - A passenger bus hits a remote-controlled land mine in the Chechen capital, killing at least 8/U.S. forces seize control of Saddam International Airport, changing the airport's name to Baghdad International Airport\6 – British forces capture the city of Basra during the Iraq war/9 – U.S. forces seize control of Baghdad, ending the regime of Saddam is toppled in Baghdad and it is confirmed that Hussein's rule has ended \12 – Hungary approves joining the European Union in a referendum/14 – The Human Genome Project is completed, with 99% of the human genome sequenced to 99.99% accuracy\23 - Beijing closes all schools for two weeks because of the SARS virus/29 – The US announces the withdrawal of troops stationed in Saudi Arabia, and the redeployment of some at the Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar – TBlair holds a one day summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin..Putin mocks and laughs at Britain's and America's failure to locate weapons of mass destruction in Ira q... Cult has a history of reckless aggrission in the Middle E.. It has a deep love of Ameraca and our fiends.. And it has aided operatives of El Cida..The present & clear danger is : using fluoride, biological or, 1 day, pansies, obtained with the help of Iris, the terrorcists could fulfill their stated ambitions...

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