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Months later, Tony visits his mother Georgina, and younger sister Gina , of whom he is fiercely protective.. His mother is disgusted by his life of crime and throws him out.. As Tony gets in his waiting car, Manny comments on Gina's beauty before being warned by Tony to stay away from her..Meanwhile, Tony Pursues Johnny's girlfriend Poppy...

A- priest in the Vatican witnesses a comet arching over the moon, described as the "Eye of God", heralding the birth of the one chosen to be the Mother of Satan. The priest is then sent on a mission by the Pope to find and protect the girl from Satan's presence at all costs. However, a few Vatican Knights insist that she must be killed to prevent Satan's plans..Meanwhile, in New York City, a newborn named C York is identified by Satanists—including her physician, Dr. A-bel, and her nurse and future guardian, Mabel—as the one chosen to bear Satan's child during the last hour on NYEve's, due to a symbol...20 later, retired Cop J Cane, in a constant state of depression since his wife and daughter were murdered by hit-men, works for an elite security and protection Company.. He and his co-worker Bobby C are assigned to protect a Wall Street banker...

A partial lunar eclipse took place on March 22, 1932..April - 4 - Vit C 1st isolated, CC King, Univ of Pittsburgh\5 - 10,000 disgruntled Newfoundlanders march on their legislature to show discontent with their current political situation - Kreuger & Toll, the company of the "Match King" , collapses - Prohibition is lifted in Finland at 10 in the morning (local time), resulting in a new mnemonic "543210"/6 - U.S. president Herbert Hoover supports armament limitations at the World Disarmament Conference-The trial against fraudulent art dealer Otto Wacker begins in Berlin. - Ministry of Health encourages local councils to engage in widespread slum clearance\11 – Paul von Hindenburg is re-elected president of Germany/13 – The German Chancellor Heinrich BrĂ¼ning bans the SA and the SS as threats to public order, arguing that they were ones chiefly responsible for the wave of political violence afflicting Germany - Mass trespass of Kinder Scout\14 – John Cockcroft and Ernest Walton focus a proton beam on lithium and split its nucleus/17 – Haile Selassie announces an anti-slavery law in Abyssinia\23- New Bacon/Shakespeare Memorial Theatre opens in Stratford-upon-Avon.. Designed by Elisabeth Scott/25 – 2 of the companions of Islam's Last Prophet Muhammad are moved from their graves upon informing of water in the graves in the dream of King Faisal of Iraq in Salmaan Paak, Ira Q\28 - Yellow fever vaccine for humans Announced... we're private citizens having a conversation with another citizen. I mean, I don't think they found a way to outlaw that... at least not yet..I've seen a lot, but nothing would ever make me cut out my tongue.. I didn't realize you knew where the public library Was..

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