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London Hospital surgeon Frederick Treves finds John Merrick in a Victorian freak show in London’s East End, where he is kept by the brutish Bytes. His head is always hooded, and his “owner”, who finds him retarded, is paid by Treves to bring him to hospital for exams. He shows Merrick to his colleagues and highlights his monstrous skull, which makes him sleep with his head on his knees – if he lay down he would asphyxiate. On Merrick’s return he is beaten so hard by Bytes that an apprentice calls Treves brings him back to hospital. When Bytes accuses Treves of likewise exploiting Merrick for his own ends, he vows to do what he can to help Merrick.. To prove to Carr-Gomm that Merrick has skills, Treves makes him say a few phrases. Carr-Gomm sees through the ruse but as he walks off, he and Treves are stunned to hear John recite the 23rd Psalm, which Treves did not teach. He now permits John to stay, and the patient starts drawing, reading, and making a model of a church he sees from his window..The exact cause of Merrick's deformities is unclear. The dominant theory throughout much of the 20th century was that Merrick suffered from neurofibromatosis type I. In 1986, a new theory emerged that he had Proteus syndrome,it was proposed that Merrick had suffered from a combination of type I and Proteus syndrome. DNA tests conducted on his hair and bones have proven inconclusive...
The following year, Joseph Carey Merrick was born, apparently healthy, and had no outward symptoms of any disorder for the first few years of his life. Named after his father, he was given the middle name Carey by his mother, a Baptist, after the preacher William Carey..The Merricks had three more children, John Thomas (born 21 April 1864, died of smallpox 24 July of the same year), William Arthur (born January 1866) who died of scarlet fever on 21 December 1870 aged 4 and Marion Eliza (born 28 September 1867), who was born with physical disabilities and died of myelitis and "seizures" in 1891..(It is interesting to note than when writing of Joseph in his book The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity, Ashley Montagu states that "John Thomas Merrick was born on 21 April 1864"..Montagu believed Treves's statement in his book The Elephant Man and Other Reminiscences that Merrick's first name was John, not Joseph, and obviously confused him with his younger brother)..A pamphlet entitled "The Autobiography of Joseph Carey Merrick", produced c. 1884 to accompany his exhibition, states that he started to display symptoms at approximately 5 years of age... like that of an elephant, and almost the same colour"...

Joseph Carey Merrick (5 August 1862 – 11 April 1890), sometimes incorrectly referred to as John Merrick, was an English man with severe deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity named the Elephant Man. He became well known in London society after he went to live at the London Hospital. Merrick was born in Leicester, Leicestershire and began to develop abnormally during the first few years of his life. His skin appeared thick and lumpy, he developed an enlargement of his lips, and a bony lump grew on his forehead. One of his arms and both feet became enlarged and at some point during his childhood he fell and damaged his hip, resulting in permanent lameness. When he was 10, his mother died and his father soon remarried. Merrick left school at 13, and had difficulty finding employment. Rejected by his father and stepmother, he left home. In late 1879, aged 17, Merrick entered the Leicester Union Workhouse..In addition to his deformities, at some point during his childhood, Merrick suffered a fall and damaged his left hip. This injury became infected and left him permanently lame.. Although affected by his physical deformities, Merrick attended school and enjoyed a close relationship with his mother..She was a Sunday School teacher, and his father worked as an engine driver at a cotton factory, as well as running a haberdashery business..On 19 May 1873, less than three years after the death of her youngest son William, Mary Jane Merrick died from bronchopneumonia..Joseph Rockley Merrick moved with his two children to live with Mrs. Emma Wood Antill, a widow with children of her own. They married on 3 December 1874....
1869 First Home Children child migration to Canada - May 16th - Cincinnati Reds play their 1st Game,Win 41-7/June 2 — 7 men are tried at Mold for attacking a colliery manager following a pay cut. A riot breaks out as those convicted are being transported to the railway station; soldiers fire on the crowd, killing 4 people\10 — An underground explosion at Ferndale Colliery in the Rhondda kills 53/27 – The fortress of Goryōkaku is turned over to Imperial Japanese forces, bringing an end to the Republic of Ezo, the Battle of Hakodate and the Boshin War\Jul 15 - Margarine is patented by Hippolye Méga-Mouriès for use by French Navy/August 27 — University of Oxford win the first international boat race held on the River Thames against Harvard University\31 – Irish scientist Mary Ward is killed in a steam car accident, probably the world's first victim of a mechanically-propelled road vehicle/September 5 – The foundation stone is laid for Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria (southern Germany) + 6 - Mine fire kills 179 at Avondale Pennsylvania -11 – Work on the Wallace Monument is completed in Stirling, Scotland -12–13 – The P&O's SS Carnatic runs aground and sinks in the Red Sea; 31 drowned \22 - Wagner's opera "Rhine Gold," premieres in Munich/24 – "Black Friday": The Fisk-Gould Scandal causes a financial panic in the United States\October — The 'Edinburgh 7', led by Sophia Jex-Blake, start to attend lectures at the University of Edinburgh Medical School, the 1st women in the UK to do so- 5th - A strong hurricane devastates the Bay of Fundy region of Maritime Canada. The storm had been predicted over a year before by a British naval officer + 16 - Hotel in Boston becomes 1st to have noisy indoor plumbing - 25 – John B. Shelden (of Millville, New Jersey) claims to have discovered the North Pole - Amateur Swimming Association established..Matthew Arnold's book Culture and Anarchy... had referred to the 23rd of the month..You are an interfering man, Professor. Do not meddle, or you will have to deal with Helsing's granddaughter involved on bacteriological research aiming at creating a virulent strain of the Eboila Plague..I know that You share my love..I can't make bricks without ...

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