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Colonel Faulkner , a British mercenary and former army officer, arrives in London to meet the rich and ruthless merchant banker Sir Edward M .. The latter proposes a risky operation..With the tacit approval and support of the United Kingdom's government, fifty hired soldiers, including sergeants Tosh Donaldson, J Blake and J McTaggart and Medic Arthur Witty, are transported to Swaziland to be Equipped and Mercilessly trained by Young..Released South Africa 28 June 1978...
J-une 1 – The 1978 FIFA World Cup starts in Argentina – W Stern is declared bankrupt with debts of £118 million, the largest bankruptcy in British history at the time -Born into a wealthy Rotterdam family, Menten became interested in Poland through his father's business connections - During the trial, Menten's Mansion was set ablaze after a survivor of Dachau concentration camp threw a petrol bomb onto its thatched roof/3 – Freddie Laker is knighted\4 - "Working" closes at 46th St Theater NYC after 25 perfs/8 – Naomi James becomes the first woman to sail around the world single-handedly- 51st National Spelling Bee\9 – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints extends the priesthood and temple blessings to "all worthy males"/12– Serial killer David B, the "Son of Sam," is sentenced to 365 years in prison\13 - Israeli Defense Forces withdraw from Lebanon/15 – King Hussein of Jordan marries 26-year-old Lisa Halaby, who takes the name Queen Noor - Soyuz 29 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6; they stay 139 days\17 - Media suggest that a GE will be held this autumn as the minor gov led by James C and Labour appears to be nearing the end of its duration,as the 11-point Cons lead has evaporated- "Cheeseburger In Paradise" by J Buffett peaks at #32/19 - "Best Little Whorehouse..." opens at 46th St NYC for 1577 perfs – Cricketer IB becomes the 1st man in the history of the game to score a century and take 8 wickets in 1 innings of a Test match\20 – A Mag 6.5 EQ hits Thessaloniki, Greece's 2nd largest city, killing 45 people, injuring hundreds and damaging some of the city's Byzantine landmarks/21 - An outbreak of shooting between Provisional IRA members and the British Army leaves one civilian and three IRA men dead - Evita opens at the Prince Edward Theatre\22 - Charon, a satellite of Pluto, is discovered - Neo-Nazis call off plans to march in Jewish community of Skokie, Ill/23 - 33rd US Women's O Gulf C won by Hollis\24 - Gay & Lesbian Solidarity March is held in Sydney, Australia to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots - Yemen Arab Republic President Ahmad al-Ghashmi is killed/26 – A bombing by Breton nationalists causes destruction in Palace of Versailles - Air Canada Flight 189 to Toronto overruns the runway and crashes into the Etobicoke Creek ravine. Two of 107 passengers on board perish\27 - Soyuz 30 carries 2 cosmonauts (1 Polish) to Salyut 6 SS/30 – Ethiopia begins a massive offensive in Eritrea..July 19, 2012, Urooj Khan, 46, cashed in an Illinois lottery ticket for more than $600,000. After taxes, the winnings amounted to about $425,000. Khan fell ill the next day and was pronounced dead at a hospital. No autopsy was done because, at the time, the Chicago MRE's O-ffice didn't generally perform them on people 45 and older unless the death was suspicious...

The Mercenaries are transported by hired aeroplane into the central subcontinent and parachute into a region near Zembala P.. Upon infiltrating the facility, Pieter Coetzee uses a powerful crossbow with cyanide-tipped quarrels to eliminate the sentries, while the rest of the guards are killed silently with cyanide gas..A cyanide is any chemical compound that contains monovalent combining group CN.. This group, known as the cyano group, consists of a carbon atom triple-bonded to a nitrogen atom..Cyanide poisoning is a form of histotoxic hypoxia because the cells of an organism are unable to use oxygen, primarily through the inhibition of cytochrome c oxidase. Acute hydrogen cyanide poisoning can result from inhalation of fumes from burning polymer products that use nitriles in their production, such as wool, silk, polyurethane, or vinyl.. If cyanide is inhaled it causes a coma with seizures, apnea, and cardiac arrest, with death following in a matter of minutes..In addition to pesticide and insecticide, cyanide is contained in smoke from building fires and some foods, like almonds, apricot kernel, apple seeds, orange seeds, and cassava (also known as yuca or manioc)..Exposure to lower levels of cyanide over a long period (e.g., after use of cassava roots as a primary food source in tropical Africa) results in increased blood cyanide levels, which can result in weakness and a variety of symptoms, including permanent paralysis, nervous lesions,hypothyroidism, and miscarriages.. Other effects include mild liver and kidney damage..Hydrogen cyanide in the form of Zyklon B was used in Nazi X-Termination camps during World War II..1995, a device was discovered in a restroom in the Kayabacho Tokyo subway station, consisting of bags of sodium cyanide and sulfuric acid with a remote controlled motor to rupture them..Dec-ember 5, 2009 a fire in night club Lame Horse (Khromaya Loshad) in Russian city Perm took the lives of 156 people. 111 people died on the spot and 45 later in hospitals. One of the main reasons of lethality was cyanide poisoning and other toxic gases released by the burning of plastic and polystyrene foam used in the construction of club interiors.. Taking into account the number of deaths, this was the largest fire in post-Soviet Russia..January 27, 2013, a fire at the Kiss nightclub in the city of Santa Maria, in the south of Brazil, caused the poisoning of hundreds of young people by cyanide released by the combustion of soundproofing foam made with polyurethane. By March 2013, 241 fatalities were confirmed..Hydrogen cyanide gas has also been used for judicial execution in some states of the US, where cyanide was generated by reaction between potassium cyanide dropped into a compartment Containing sulfuric acid, directly below the chair in the gas Chamber... Nell says there's something wrong with you, that you're a cream puff or something.. She says you're Pathetic..I love you once.. I love you twice.. I love you more than beans and rice!..

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