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Philippe de Rothschild, a Jewish bobsledder from France, decided to boycott the 1936 Winter Games held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. St. Moritz, Switzerland. 1928..The newspaper clipping that appeared in many major papers throughout the U.S. and was received by all major TV networks.. A publish-ing firm claimed to have discovered a book that alleges American bankers supplied Adolf Hitler with millions of dollars to help build up his Nazi party...

The Warburg family is a prominent American family and financial dynasty of German Jewish descent, noted for their varied accomplishments in investment banking, law, physics, classical music, art history, pharmacology, physiology, finance, private equity and philanthropy..They originated as the Venetian Jewish del Banco family, one of the wealthiest Venetian families in the early 1500s..Following restrictions imposed on banking and the Jewish community, they fled to Bologna, and thence to Warburg, in Germany, in the 16th century, after which they took their name..The Warburg family had settled in Venice, at which point they bore the surname del-Banco. The historical documents describe Anselmo del Banco as Jewish and as having been one of the wealthiest residents of Venice in the early 1500s. In 1513, del Banco was granted a charter by the Venetian government permitting the lending of money with interest. Del Banco left with his family after new restrictions were placed upon the Jewish community coinciding with the establishment of a Ghetto.."The Empire of I.G. Farben". Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler... must realize that what I'm about to tell you is very sensitive, both to me and to the Army.. You know that we have a Bio-Force Department, and that we had a bio-force enhancement research project developed during World War II..We decided to dust it off, and give it another go...

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