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Lightbulb Masters & Apprentices

Originally Posted by diamond dogs View Post
I had to endure the football today and at half time the commentator mentioned it was a match between the Masters and the Apprentices.

The masonic logos on the football shirts, advertising and billboards were abundant, not to mention the managers and some of the players.

It affected people that were watching in different ways and left a nasty taste in my mouth...

Originally Posted by lightgiver View Post
After 40 minutes of the first half, the score remained 0–0, in what was described as a drab affair with neither team threatening to score. At 3:40 pm, 5 minutes before half-time, the first sign of a fire—a glowing light—was noticed 3 rows from the back of block G.. It is believed the fire started when a spectator dropped a match, lit cigarette or tobacco, which fell through holes in the stand to rubbish which had accumulated below. One witness saw paper or debris on fire, about 9 inches below the floor boards...

Spectators initially felt their feet becoming warmer; one of them ran to the back of the stand for a fire extinguisher but found none. A police officer shouted to a colleague for an extinguisher. However, his call was misheard and instead the fire brigade were radioed. The call was timed at 3:43 pm.However, the fire escalated rapidly and flames became visible, and so police started to evacuate the stand. The blaze began to spread; the roof and wooden stands were soon on fire. One eyewitness, Geoffrey Mitchell, told the BBC: "It spread like a flash. I've never seen anything like it. The smoke was choking. You could hardly breathe." One of the linesmen informed match referee Don Shaw, who stopped the game with 3 minutes remaining before half-time..

There were no extinguishers in the stand's passageway for fear of vandalism, and one spectator ran to the clubhouse to find one, but was overcome by smoke and others trying to escape. Supporters either ran upwards to the back of the stand or downwards to the pitch to escape; very thankfully there was no tall cage-type fencing along the pitch edge like later caused the Hillsborough disaster.Most of the exits at the back were either locked or shut, and there were no stewards present to open them, but 7 were either forced or found open.A total of 56 people died in the fire. Of those, 54 were Bradford supporters and two from Lincoln. They included 3 who tried to escape through the toilets, 27 who were found by exit K and turnstiles 6 to 9 at the rear centre of the stand and 2 elderly people who died in their seats...

The sign of 3ancer in the Freemason Royal Arch Keystone (♋) is the 4th astrological sign in the Zodiac, which spans the Zodiac between the 90th and 119th degree of celestial longitude...
I was working in bradford on that day ...
Bradford City stadium fire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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