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Trooper Robert (Bob) Gaspare Consiglio, MM (posthumous)..1 of the 3 members of B2O...Born 13.4.1966 ..Switzerland..27 January Iraq 1991..The Royal Marines were formed in 1755 as marine infantry for the Royal Navy. However, it can trace its origins back to the formation of "the Duke of York and Albany's maritime regiment of Foot" at the grounds of the Honourable Artillery Company on 28 October 1664..The Royal Marines are a maritime-focused, Amphibious, highly specialised light infantry force of Commandos...Three Kings #2 Movie CLIP - Calling Gooney Bird (1999) HD - YouTube
Clansman was developed by the Signals Research and Development Establishment (SRDE) in the 1970s, to satisfy a General Staff Requirement (GSR) laid down in 1965. Built by Racal, MEL and Plessey,STA Patrol man-portable, patrol level radio HF / VHF, Half-duplex transceiver capable of burst transmission which was built in the United Kingdom by MEL. Features include key-pad entry of frequency, mode and data with digital LCD display; 10 pairs of pre-programmable channels; half-duplex operation with the option of transmitting and receiving on different channels; the option of using a removable pocket sized electronic message unit (EMU) to transmit and receive short data communications; fully automatic antenna tuner which can be remoted up to 50m from the set using standard co-ax cable; Self test facility. power output is 50 watts PEP on high power setting with an adjustable low power of 2-5 watts. Frequency range is 1.5-40 MHz allowing short range VHF communications overlap with the other clansman series radios on the higher frequencies..Clansman has been in use by British forces since the early 1980s in most recent UK military operations, the first active use being by 2nd Bn the Parachute Regiment in the Falkland Islands operation in 1982. It is in the process of being replaced by the new digital Bowman communication system..Radio Project also researched the 1938 Halloween broadcast of The War of the Worlds. They found that of the estimated 6 million people who heard this broadcast, 25% thought it was real.. Most of the people who panicked did not think that it was an invasion from Mars that was occurring, but rather an invasion by the Germans. It was later determined that because of the radio broadcasts from Munich earlier in the year, the masses were prone to this...

Mammut Sports Group AG (also known as Arova-Mammut AG, Mammut AG) is a Swiss producer of mountaineering and trekking equipment with headquarters in Seon, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner in Dintikon. Today, Mammut belongs to Conzzeta AG. Amongst others, Raichle (mountain and trekking shoes), Ajungilak (sleeping bags) and Toko (ski wax) belong to Mammut Sports Group..A torn bandage is found, confirming that the alien has indeed already assimilated at least one other person in the camp beside Bennings, but the name tag is torn out and the shirt cannot be matched to any one individual because they all wear the same size.. Paranoia quickly sets in as the first attempt to develop a test using blood samples is sabotaged by an unknown party..A subsequent autopsy by Blair reveals that the stray was an alien capable of absorbing and perfectly imitating other life-forms.. Realizing the implications of this, Blair quickly becomes withdrawn and suspicious of the others. A 2nd helicopter expedition discovers an alien spacecraft unearthed by the Norwegian research team, revealing that the creature had awakened after being buried within the ice for thousands of years.MacReady Nab summons the crew to develop a test using uncontaminated blood samples..Soon after the patrol landed on Iraqi soil, Lane discovered that they had communication problems and could not receive messages on the patrol's radio. McNab later claimed that the patrol had been issued with incorrect radio frequencies, however a 2002 BBC report discovered that there was no error with the frequencies because the patrol's transmissions had been noted..The British standard operating procedures (SOP) state that in the case of an emergency or no radio contact the patrol should return to their O-riginal infiltration point, and a helicopter would land briefly every 24 hours...Elvis Presley, Suspicious Minds - YouTube

Gaspare....Meaning: Its source is a Farsi (Persian) expression meaning "Treasure holder"..

Languages: This name is used in Italian..

Narrative: In Christian tradition,Caspar (also Gaspar, Jaspar, Jaspas, Gathaspa, and other variations), an Indian scholar was the name of one of the 3 Wise Men, or Magi, who visited the infant Jesus bearing precious gifts.. The other 2 were Melchior and Balthasar...
40 Commando - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia afternoon.. Would this be the proctology tent..Captain's at a Staff meeting, sir..Tell them, I'm stuck in a bunker near 223 North, outside Kabala,OK...

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