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On the northern side of the Strait are Spain and Gibraltar , while on the southern side are Morocco and Ceuta ( Spanish exclave in North Africa). Its boundaries were known in antiquity as the Pillars of Hercules.. There are several islets, such as the disputed Isla Perejil, that are claimed by both Morocco and Spain...The Strait is an important shipping route from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic.. Ferries operate between Spain and Morocco across the strait, between Spain and Ceuta and Gibraltar to Tangier...The Strait of Gibraltar links the Atlantic Ocean directly to the Mediterranean Sea. This direct linkage creates certain unique flow and wave patterns. These unique patterns are created due to the interaction of various regional and global evaporative forces, tidal forces, and wind forces...Atlantropa, also referred to as Panropa, was a gigantic engineering and colonization project devised by the German architect Herman Sörgel in the 1920s and promulgated by him until his death in 1952...The prefix pan implies that the identity applies throughout Europe, and especially in an EU context, 'pan-European' is often contrasted with national..Faro is the southernmost city in Continental Portugal. It is located in the Faro Municipality in southern Portugal...The Algarve and Faro district cover the same territory..In the 9th century it became the capital of a short-lived princedom and was fortified with a ring of defensive walls. At this time the name Santa Maria began to be used instead of Ossonoba.. Later on the town was known as Harun (from a local Muslim chieftain), hence its current name, Faro. During the 500 years of Moorish rule there were some Jewish inhabitants in Faro who wrote copies of the Old Testament.. One of Faro's historical names in Arabic is أخشونبة (ʼUḫšūnubaḧ)...The Earl of Essex sacked the town in 1596 and seized the library of the Bishop of Faro. These books appeared later in the University of Oxford as part of the Bodleian Library...The Church of Nossa Senhora da Luz, reconstructed by local contributions after the 1755 Lisbon earthquake in 1874...The 1755 Lisbon EQ, also known as the Great Lisbon Earthquake, occurred in the Kingdom of Portugal on Saturday, 1 November 1755, the holiday of All Saints' Day, at around 09:40 local time...In the 20th century, 2 events (a violent storm and the 1969 earthquake) caused similar damage to the church body...

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean.. It has an area of 2.3 square miles (6.0 km2) and a northern border with the Province of Cádiz in Andalusia, Spain.. The Rock of Gibraltar is the only landmark of the region.. At its foot is the densely-populated city area, home to almost 30,000 Gibraltarians and other nationalities..Gibraltar's terrain consists of the 426-metre (1,398 ft) high Rock of Gibraltar made of Jurassic limestone, and the narrow coastal lowland surrounding it.. It contains many tunnelled roads, most of which are still operated by the military and closed to the general public..Education generally follows the English model, operating within a 3 tier system..15 state schools, a MOD school, a private school and a college of further education..All Gibraltarians are entitled to health care in public wards and clinics at the hospital and primary health care centre..The culture reflects Gibraltarians' diverse origins. While there are Spanish and British influences, the ethnic origins of most Gibraltarians are not confined to these ethnicities digital telephone exchange supported by a fibre optic and copper infrastructure; the telephone operator Gibtelecom also operates a GSM network. Internet connectivity is available across the fixed network. Gibraltar's top-level domain code is .gi..The most popular alternative airport for Gibraltar is Málaga Airport in Spain, some 120 kilometres (75 mi) to the east, which offers a wide range of destinations, second to Jerez Airport..The force, whose name received the prefix "Royal" in 1992, currently numbers over 220 officers divided into a number of units. These include CID,Special Branch, Firearms, Scene of Crime Examiners, Traffic, Marine and Operations units, sections or departments..A number of British and international banks have operations based in Gibraltar. Jyske Bank claims to be the oldest bank in the country, based on Jyske's acquisition in 1987 of Banco Galliano, which began operations in Gibraltar in 1855...
The Rock of Gibraltar was one of the Pillars of Hercules and was known to the Romans as Mons Calpe, the other pillar being Mons Abyla or Jebel Musa on the African side of the Strait. In ancient times the two points marked the limit to the known world, a myth originally fostered by the Phoenicians..The Moorish Castle is a relic of the Moorish occupation of Gibraltar, which lasted for 710 years. It was built in the year A.D. 711, when the Berber chieftain Tariq ibn-Ziyad first landed on the Rock that still bears his name. The 17th-century Muslim historian Al-Maqqari wrote that upon landing, Tariq burned his ships...Rock of Gibraltar (IRE) (foaled 8 March 1999 in Ireland) is a Champion racehorse and stallion owned by Coolmore, for whom he currently stands in Ireland (during the Northern Hemisphere breeding season) and Australia (as a shuttle-stallion during the Southern Hemisphere breeding season)..A unique feature of the Rock is its system of underground passages, known as the Galleries or the Great Siege Tunnels..Devil's Tower was an ancient watchtower in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar where fossil remains of a Neanderthal child were discovered, together with palaeolithic tools..O'Hara's Tower was a watchtower in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. It was located at the highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar, at what is now O'Hara's Battery, near the southern end of the Upper Rock Nature Reserve... is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream...

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